Which 5 types of tea will really help to lose weight: recommendations of nutritionists

Some people believe that only classic green tea has the ability to help in the fight against excess weight, but this is a wrong opinion.

Yes, green tea is incredibly useful for the figure, but it is not the only means in the fight against fat deposits.

What types of tea will help to restore harmony

White tea

This kind of drink is not so popular and in demand, although white tea is very valuable for health and figure. Due to the delicate processing of raw materials, white tea contains a large amount of antioxidants and polyphenols in its composition.

Experts believe that this type of tea provides significant assistance in the breakdown of fats, speeding up the digestive process and detoxification.

It is also worth knowing that white tea is a very effective tool in the fight against cancer.


This type of tea quickly gained popularity among fans of healthy eating, because it has an impeccable composition and impressive potential.

Matcha helps speed up metabolism and burn fat. Also, the drink helps to cope with cravings for sweets and overeating on the basis of nervous tension.


This type of tea helps to saturate the body with energy for people who improve their figure through physical activity.

Pu-erh helps to make workouts more effective and intense.

Also, not everyone knows that this kind of tea helps protect against overeating, because it takes hunger under control.


This oriental drink belongs to herbal teas that help improve the digestive system. Karkade also helps to improve the condition of the intestines.

The drink has excellent cleansing properties and helps to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Black tea

Few people know that the most "simple" and affordable kind of drink also has excellent potential in weight loss issues.

It is best to drink a cup of black tea during an unexpected feeling of hunger. It also makes sense to drink a drink an hour before a meal - this will help to control your appetite.