The second life of Frank Luntz: losing weight after a heart attack

Renowned sociologist and master of words Frank Luntz (born in 1962) has shown his followers an example of willpower. He managed to lose 50 pounds in a bit more than two months, while the whole world was in quarantine regimen. You could read how did Frank Luntz lose weight in his regular posts on Twitter.

How did it all start?

The author of «Words That work» has been involved in the most famous advertising and political campaigns. Frank Luntz has conducted more than a thousand focus groups and other types of polls, advised business leaders and political leaders in preparing their public speeches. Pursuing a career, he was active on television and wrote books.

Now Fans note Frank Luntz weight loss is clearly visible in the new photos, and it suits him. But earlier success in his work allowed Luntz to indulge his weaknesses and live for his own pleasure, for example, create a copy of the Oval Office for himself as his workplace. His eating habits were not overly restrained.

At the same time, Frank did not pay due attention to his health and gained excess weight. This could go on and on, but at the beginning of the year Frank had a heart attack, which forced him to reconsider his attitude towards lifestyle. Let’s find out How did Frank Luntz Lose Weight in such a difficult health situation.

Frank Luntz weight loss in 2020

What now?

At 58, too young to die, Frank realized he needed to change his diet and did so as soon as he got out of UCLA hospital. He is very grateful to the doctors and hospital that saved him, and now he is working with them to help patients with pneumonia. Besides Frank Luntz weight loss 2020, his efforts are aimed at filling the hospital's fund for the fight against coronavirus.

Frank Luntz weight loss secret 2020

How was it possible?

Three things helped Frank Luntz weight loss: his own efforts, the help of a nutritionist, and the support of his Twitter followers. It was they who inspired him to eat this boring salad after all.
Frank showed that it is not necessary to sweat in the gym, the main secret Frank Luntz weight loss is diet. If you think that diet means rare meals that are tasteless, you are wrong. On the advice of a consultant, Lunts began to eat much more fruits, vegetable salads and meat and eliminated fast carbohydrates. The large amount of vitamins and protein allowed rebuilding body composition in favor of muscle mass. Walking 3 miles a day helped boost metabolism and shed excess weight. Such training is good for the heart, makes it work and does not put a dangerous load.

Frank Luntz before and after weight loss


If you think it's too late to tackle your health and lose weight, take a look at the example of Frank Luntz weight loss 2020, which only took a couple of months. Don't wait for a heart attack to pay attention to your body. You might think that it is easy for a wealthy and successful person to be healthy, but the secret Frank Luntz weight loss is not in money. In fact, it doesn't take a lot of money for long walks and proper nutrition. You don't need hundreds of fans to support, you probably have a loving family and friends who care about your health.