Kevin Smith's Secret Of Weight Loss

Filmmaker Kevin Smith shocked everybody with his incredible story. Kevin Smith weight loss is known to the whole world. He does not hide anything from the people. He tells his incredible story and shares his photos before and after weight loss on the social network. The director of "Clerks" and many other movies did post about his weight loosing. He lost 85 pounds.

Kevin had much weight and fought against if for many years. In 2010, he was being kicked off a flight, as being too fat. He had heart attack and that time his weight was 256 pounds. When he was in the hospital where he was being convalescent from heart attack, the doctor came and said that he must loss 50 pounds. At that time, he decided to lost weight immediately. He worked hard, in order to loss weight. He lost 80 pounds during ten years, however suffered heart attack. Doctors said him to loss weigh immediately. After six months 50 pounds and had weight 205 pounds.

Kevin Smith diet is rather popular today. He lost 40 pounds by giving up the usage of sugar. The diet includes in itself walking 5 miles every day with his dog and give up drinks, which contain sugar. His vegan diet helped him a lot. That is not a real diet. The results mainly come from the total healthy lifestyle of eating only natural food including many different kinds of vegetables. He shared his every single step and his weight loss story with his fans on the social network. Next, he wants to have serious exercise regimen beyond walking with the dog.

Kevin Smith's secret of weight loss

Kevin Smith also started mono diet after his heart attack. The diet included only potatoes and plus his vegetarian diet. He shared on Instagram his inspirations to give up animal products. In addition to his strict vegan diet, Kevin Smith behaves very active and healthy lifestyle. He is hiking and he is even does yoga. He lost 50 pounds prior to his heart attack.

Since High School, he had weighted under 200 pounds. He could not image how he could get there again. It was very difficult for him to pass through it. He said that the heart attack was great stimulation for him to loss weight. His hope now, to loss another 10 pounds.

He thanked his family and his friends, who helped and encouraged him a lot. He thanked his fans for encouraging words and an encouraging word can have great impact on someone's life. That helped him to keep going and to fight to the end. The fans of Kevin Smith was very proud of him how he overcame those difficulties, how he could pass through it. Kevin Smith weight loss diet is known to the whole world.

He proved to the whole world that the illness cannot win and people must be strong, surrounded with loving people, with family, in order to overcome the illness. Till now, Kevin Smith encourages and helps many people who have the same problem, around the whole world. Now, he looks very well and he publishes and shares his photos with his Instagram followers and with his thousands of fans. He is proud of how he looks now.