Dylan Wall diet and his weight loss story: You won't believe it, you can lose weight on potatoes

Want to know how Dylan Wall weight loss diet works and you will be pleasantly surprised. The story of a College student, Dylan Wall. He is twenty-one years old. When he graduated from high school, he weighed about 30 Stone. The guy decided to radically change his life. I started with losing weight. Three years ago, I went to College and then I decided, "during a tour of my College, I lost my band because I couldn't keep up."If I stay the same, I won't be able to continue my studies.

A joyous event happened in my life. My beloved sister gave birth to a wonderful nephew. And then I finally decided that I would only show the good side.

Dylan Wall before weight loss diet photo

Dylan Wall before weight loss diet photo

Dylan, started by saying that you need to lose weight in an unorthodox way. For fourteen days he ate only unseasonal potatoes. He calls this method "clearing the taste buds."

I believe that potatoes will help to get rid of any "taste dependence". For example, when he wanted to eat sugar or some fast food.

I started by clearing my taste buds, - Dylan said.

See how the Dylan Wall weight loss diet has effectively helped him

For fourteen days I ate only potatoes without any spices. It really helped me deal with my cravings.

The next task is to remove all dairy products and red meat. I now know how many calories are contained in a particular food. I wasn't trying to make my healthy food palatable. I dined for one purpose only, to gain strength. I wanted to get rid of my taste addiction and didn't want to eat for fun.

Dylan Wall weight loss diet photo

I think I did it all right.I used to eat fast food and a lot of other junk food all the time.

I usually buy some kind of harmful products in the "McDonald's" , when I went to school. For lunch, I received a double portion of what was in the school lunch.

To be honest, I didn't really have a full meal. When I came home, I ate and ate constantly until I went to bed.

After a two-week diet, Dylan switched to a different way of eating. I have already eaten a variety of foods and counted calories.

You can look at Dylan Wall weight loss photo and say what a great guy he is

The first hundred and eighty pounds were lost exclusively during the diet, and the last forty-after he started working out in the gym.

- I lost weight in a year. Dylan was able to lose a hundred and eighty pounds. Until I lost my first extra weight, I didn't go to training - Dylan said.

As soon as the body was ready, Dylan started slowly with cardio.

Dylan Wall after weight loss diet photo

Dylan Wall before and after weight loss photo

At 30 Stone, it was hard to run in the gym, so I did cardio every day. In the end, I got the result I wanted. Gradually, I started doing some upper body elements, as well as doing squats and deadlifts. - When I removed the extra weight, I noticed a lot of extra skin. I didn't know what to do with it. Therefore, I decided to fill the extra skin with muscle mass. I wanted my perfect body back. You can look at the Dylan Wall weight loss instagram and subscribe. It took another year to lose the last 50 pounds.

Soon Dylan will have an operation to remove excess skin.I am very glad that I started working with myself. I began to feel better.