Kelly Osbourne's date after fantastic loosing of her weight

The famous star, the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, appeared on Thursday, August 13 near one of the most popular restaurants Craig's in Los Angeles with her boyfriend. Her figure was perfect. The woman was so slim, that her fans couldn't recognize her.

She wore a black Channel bomber jacket, blue jeans, pink sneakers and also a black mask to protect herself from coronavirus. The day before she was seen on Wednesday on her way to CVS pharmacy all in black and in the black mask too.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss diet photos

Kelly Osbourne weight loss photos

Everyone was interested in the fact how did Kelly Osbourne lose weight and became so slim. The famous star had an interview with press and revealed the secret of her changings.

Kelly Osbourne before weight loss diet photo

Kelly Osbourne before weight loss diet photo

Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss diet photo

How did Kelly Osbourn achieved the results?

Her story began even before her acting in Dancing with the stars in 2009 when she got addicted to drugs and alcohol. At that period of her life the young woman tried to replace it with food and became fatter and fatter.

It was not the best time in her life and career:she was called fat and ugly in the press almost all her life. It broke her heart and ruined her self-esteem, the woman even hated herself, so, one day she decided to change something and Kelly Osbourne weight loss surgery started.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss photos 1

She made a plan how to achieve results and since that moment Kelly Osbourne weight loss photos can be found in the Instagram stories:

  • she tried to keep up to the plant-diet or eat vegan food. Earlier her daily ration included pizzas, burgers, pasta, sauces, now Kelly Osbourne weight loss diet consists of green salads dishes without meat and fat;
  • the woman tried to love and respect herself first.She told the magazine Cosmopolitan Body that she had never been happier in her life before, but that her figure only played a small role in that development. Once she looked at herself into the mirror and realized that it was time to love her appearance, her body, her face, but people didn't believe that;
  • once she realizes that noone needs to think of what is shown on the scales. Kelly starts not to mention what numbers she sees on the scales, she loves herself for who she is;
  • Kelly keeps up to the balanced diet. She remembers the time when she used to eat pizzas, pasta and so on all day long. Now she knows that everything has to be in moderation. Kelly eats her fattiest meal in the morning and the lightest - in the evening. If she wants to taste pizza, it will be her breakfast meal than salad for lunch, and oatmeal for dinner;
  • fitness, of course. Working out is the best thing she loves doing up to half an hour a day that she also does circuit training, yoga, and Pilates; the woman tries to mix up these actions.

Kelly Osbourne weight loss photos 3

So, the woman actively shows her wonderful results to her fans in the social network. Everyone can find the posts with Kelly Osbourne weight loss diet and its detailed description. The woman assures that the question how did Kelly Osbourne lose weight is fully highlighted to the followers of her life and work.