Loss weight: how drinking green tea helps you lose weight

Green tea gained world fame both as tasty healthy product and as burning fat agent, taking second place after water. Because of presence of many antioxidants and nutrimentss green tea has some benefits, burning fat is one of included. It even was used in chinese medicine basics. But it's off-topic, so let's get started.

Why and how does green tea help you to lose weight?

The most popular questions are "Does green tea help you lose weight? Will it be helpful for me? " or "How does common green tea help me to lose weight? What the nonsense?". Yes, it does. In fact, it can't just burn fat, process of loss weight is more difficult. Green tea speeds up metabolism. Metabolism is process which forces body to convert consumed food into energy. And this beverage helps to increase its efficiency.

Of course, drinking green tea without any training programs, proper diet and physical exercises can't give good enough results. But with given the above fat definitely disappears faster than otherwise.

By the way, there was a study carried out in 2010 in respect of green tea. Results showed that caffeine supplements helps to lose weight.

Why and how does green tea help you to lose weight

Benefits of green tea drinking

Green tea is one of the most helpful products. This at first sight common drink can be used in various directions. Except weight loss effect green tea treats from cold, because this tea has anti-inflammatory property. It removes toxins and cleanses the body. Green tea decreases blood sugar, reduces the chance of cancer, gives strength and fights with lethargy and depression, reduces drowsiness.

Which one to choose?

Tea choice is such an important part in process of losing weight. Tea must be qualitative and varietal. Otherwise drinking of green tea won't give any effect and won't be visible.

How much drinking green tea help you with weight loss?

It isn't necessary to drink a lot of green tea for loss weight. The best variant is two or three cups per day. Only in this case you get the highest effect from intakes of beverage. But quantity of cups may vary according to metabolism speed and features of human parameters.

If you feel disgust to green tea, it will be better to stop drinking temporarily, because continued usage won't bring any good. After try to change its taste: brew it stronger and enjoy.

When does green tea help you to lose weight

When does green tea help you to lose weight?

Scientists claim that for weight loss you should drink this tea right after every eating. But if you have suspectible stomach don't do it. Green tea in nature is alkalin and forces stomach to set gastric juice aside.

Also you can drink it after waking up and before bedtime, but this variant isn't for everyone because on an empty stomach gastic juices hurts it. Metabolism the fastest precisely in the morning and green tea just boosts it. It is best strategy for people who want to lose weight. But there is also one caveat: if you have insomnia, this way of losing weight is not for you, your body just will be injured.