Dr. Mosley named ways to achieve metabolic acceleration and weight loss

Foods that stimulate the metabolic processes in the body effectively help to lose weight.

Dr. Michael Mosley, an authoritative British expert on dietetics, told about the ways to speed up the metabolism and make weight loss more effective. In his column for the Daily Mail, Dr. Mosley stated:

"Some people continue to gain weight even despite a healthy and balanced diet - this may be due to a slow metabolism.

Metabolism is the process by which the body turns food and drink into energy. The faster the metabolism, the faster the body produces energy by "burning" the calories from food. According to Dr. Mosley, speeding up a metabolism that is too slow can be helped by including a variety of protein in the diet.

"Eating more protein is helpful as we get older: it helps maintain muscle and bones, and increases the metabolic rate, which allows the body to use more carbohydrates for energy production," said the expert.

Consuming spicy foods and caffeine, drinking water and green tea also have a metabolic boosting effect.

Another way to get your metabolism to speed up is to exercise. Dr. Mosley advised doing push-ups and squats.

The nutritionist said that over the past 40 years, the metabolic rate of people living in different countries has slowed significantly. One of the reasons for this, he cited the increase in the number of ultra-processed foods high in sugary carbohydrates. To achieve faster metabolism and weight loss, the specialist recommended giving up sugary and floury industrially produced foods.

Drinking beet juice helps preserve cognitive abilities

Dr. Mosley named the vegetable that preserves brain health in old age

Drinking beet juice helps preserve cognitive abilities. As we age, cognitive function inevitably declines. But there are certain foods and lifestyle habits that can slow this process down. Dr. Michael Mosley explained what vegetable is worth using to keep your brain healthy in your old age. We're talking about beets. Not only is it a colorful vegetable that adds color to a meal, it offers many benefits to the brain.

"Beets have been shown to improve physical and cognitive performance, and in some cases even help athletes run faster," says Dr. Mosley.

That said, beet juice is most effective. It is the one that positively affects cognitive abilities and improves decision-making speed.

Dr. Mosley notes a study that showed that cognitive abilities were higher in older people who exercised and drank beet juice than in peers who did not do the same.

"The part of their brain networks related to motor function became more similar to that of younger people. It seems that the combination of beets and sports really helps keep the brain young," Dr. Mosley commented on the results of the study.