Nutritionist explains: does the combination of meat and potatoes affect weight loss

A century and a half ago, Herbert Shelton proposed his hygienic system, which is now used for the prevention of gastrointestinal diseases.

In one of the volumes of his treatise "Hygienic System", he justified the basics of proper nutrition, arguing that some foods are incompatible with each other and their combination leads to slow digestion and the formation of harmful substances in the body. For example, he believed that it is impossible to eat protein foods (meat, fish) and starchy foods (potatoes, beets) in one meal.

The nutritionist said that Shelton's principles of separate nutrition are still relevant for weight loss. For example, if a person likes meat, then he can eat it separately from starchy foods, which will help him reduce his food intake. If starchy foods are consumed at other times, for example, in the evening, it will also help to lose weight.

The doctor noted that Sheldon's research shows that meat is better combined with vegetables. Following the principles of nutrition outlined by Sheldon can help get rid of gastrointestinal problems and lose excess weight. She recommends not to consume different types of proteins in one meal, and also not to combine them with a lot of potatoes, pasta and bread. She noted that monoproducts are better absorbed by the body, and too high-calorie dishes can be difficult to digest.

Five foods that prevent you from losing weight

Five foods that prevent you from losing weight

People who want to lose weight should reconsider their eating habits and give up some foods. First of all, it is necessary to reduce sugar consumption. It releases insulin, which encourages the body to accumulate fat around the abdomen. In order not to completely give up carbohydrates, you can find a substitute for sweet foods.

So, instead of juices, you can eat fresh fruit. Unlike drinks, they have healthy fibers, they are rich in nutrients.

Instead of ice cream, experts recommend eating Greek yogurt with fruits or berries. You can add cinnamon to it.

Chips can be replaced with nuts, which are rich in protein and healthy fats.

A good alternative to sausages, bacon and other types of processed meat will be fatty fish, for example, salmon, herring, tuna.

It is worth giving up muesli for breakfast in favor of eggs. Sure, muesli can be a nutritious food, but most items on store shelves contain excessive amounts of sugar. Eggs are an excellent source of protein and regulate appetite well.