Amazing Way To Lose Weight By Jennifer Hudson

Hard to believe, but Jennifer Hudson, a famous actress and Grammy winner, once weighed 200 pounds. Now, according to the latest media reports, her weight is about 140 pounds. How hard it was for Jennifer Hudson weight loss she tells in numerous interviews. She is a really talented and diverse woman who won an Oscar and participated in the programs “American idol” and “Weight Watch”. All this gave motivation Jennifer Hudson movin on up in forward and did not stop on the achieved result.

After the birth of her son in 2009, in just one year, the actress lost as much as 80 pounds overweight. In 2010, she already weighed 120 pounds and the size of her clothes also dropped a few points. She began to feel much better and look really amazing. When in one of the interviews Jennifer Hudson jeffersons was asked how she did it, she replied:

“I now feel in my body, I’m actually comfortable, and it’s as if I even regained a few years of my youth!”- Commented Jennifer in 2011. 

Since 2004, this actress has been accompanied by ups and downs in her career, she often received the best roles in film, theater and on television, including as a judge on The Voice. The name Jennifer Hudson the jeffersons has become a symbol and motivation for women who dream of regaining their former weight.

While participating in the British talk show Lorraine in 2017, the presenter asked if Jennifer Hudson weight loss really was easy for her. Then Hudson told how she managed to lose 80 pounds:

“I actually have very little free time and I cannot afford daily exhausting fitness classes. That is why I carefully watch how I eat and what I eat ",she said. “I very carefully select products and make a balanced menu for the whole day. Sometimes, of course, it is difficult to restrain myself, but I cope because I realize how harmful foods can affect my body.”

People are often interested in “How much does Jennifer Hudson weigh now?”, because her story is actually a success. Here is a rough menu for the day from Jennifer Hudson: 


A mixture of yogurt and fruit, scrambled eggs or milkshake


Actress Jennifer Hudson weight loss because, despite the busy day, she always found time to eat a full meal. This is usually a light salad with chicken or turkey or grilled fish.


In order to get enough of his food and not to harm the figure, Jennifer can have vegetables and fruits as well as delicious desserts in the first half of the day and in reasonable portions.


For dinner, Hudson prefers Japanese food, salad or baked fish. Rarely it can be lean meat with vegetables.

When people try to find out “Has Jennifer Hudson lost a lot of weight?”, then they think that she is severely restricting herself in nutrition. In fact this is not true. The actress allows herself some weaknesses in the form of at least one piece of chocolate a day.

Now, having got rid of excess weight, the star actively promotes healthy eating and sports. She even wrote a book that motivates and explains how to properly get rid of bad eating habits.