Jennifer Hudson`s Incredible Weight Lose

Jennifer Hudson is a very successful American singer and actress who found the fame in reality TV. She was born on September 21, in 1981, in Chicago, in Illinois. She has many awards. She was starring many famous films and TV shows. She became very successful after her victory of an American Idol. Jennifer lost her mother and brother. They were shot and killed inside the Chicago home. Her 7 years old nephew was also killed. Hudson's family established The Hudson-King Foundation, in honor of their family members. The foundation always gives presents and supports families who need help and money in Illinois.

Jennifer Hudson got together with her future husband, who was professional wrestler, got engaged with him in September 2008. They had a son, who was born on 2009. However, in November 2018, unfortunately, she and her husband divorced.

Jennifer Hudson before weight loss

Jennifer Hudson before weight loss

The successful, beautiful and glamorous star has always looked perfect, beautiful and very feminine. However, after film debut Dreamgirls, she got her weight. Before her role, she gain twenty pounds, so as, to play her character. She changed a lot after gaining 20 pounds, she ate much and did not eat healthy food and she did not behave healthy way of life. She ate pancakes, sweets, not healthy food and of course, fast food. Soon after her role, she immediately lost approximately sixty pounds, before begin shown up in American Idol. It was shocking and unbelievable.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss

Jennifer Hudson weight loss

During her interviews on Lorraine, Jennifer told that she lost 80 pounds. It was incredible. How did she do that? How did she manage to lose weight?

She told the truth saying that she did not have much time to do workout, so she was very attentive to what she ate everyday. She started not to eat pancakes, sweets and fast food. She did not do workout but she must be very active. Keeping the balance was the most important thing. She started to walk for thirty minutes everyday to make her sure that she was active and she was always moving, involving jugging and cycling. She was on her special diet.

Jennifer has rather busy life, so it helped her a lot. She always stays in shape. Jennifer Hudson weight loss involves:

  1. For breakfast - Something rather light and of course tasty. It can be yogurt with any fruit
  2. For lunch - Salad with chicken or a sandwich with a turkey
  3. For break – Tortilla chips with an apple and also with butter
  4. For dinner – Shrimp with brown rice and with fried vegetables

Jennifer is very attentive to what she put in her body. She does not let food intimidate her. Jennifer just try to spread meals over the day. Throughout her career. It is incredible and unbelievable how she stays fit and how she lose so much weight. Now, she is a jury, a trainer on the TV show "The Voice" with many other famous, popular singers and actors, such as Will. i. am. and Tom Jones. The fascinating pop star looks perfect, beautiful and very feminine. She is also has an Oscar for best actress.

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