Billie Faiers And Sam Faiers Incredible Story About Weight Loss

Billie Faiers was born on the 15th of January in 1990, in England. Billie Faiers age is 29 and she is a director at the fashion company and is known for the starring at reality TV shows. She is very active on social media and has many followers on social network. She has a sister Sam Faiers. Fans appreciated Billie's incredible figure after Billie Faiers weight loss. Billie Faiers fat, however, she is back to her size soon, just after 23 weeks from the birth of her daughter. She had never given up and she did her best to come back to her skinny jeans. She claims that after having a baby women must not follow any diet, as they need much energy. She tries to make a nice healthy dinner, but during lunch she a ham sandwich. She says that when women breastfeeding a child she feels her tummy almost contracting. After a woman had a baby, she must not follow any diet, she must eat healthy food, drink much water or fruit juice, in order to have energy after pregnancy. Women must go in for sports, must be participated in active way of life and must always be feminine.

Billie Faiers weight loss

After Nelly's birth, Greg and Billie concentrated on their wedding after their wonderful engagement day. Wedding day was perfect with the whole family around. During the wedding day, they had romantic dance, Greg made a speech and everything was like a real dream.

Billie's food regimen and secrets to be and to stay in form

Billie Faiers wedding

Billie Faiers and Sam Faiers weight loss

What secrets and food regimen Billie and her sister Sam has?

Billie and her sister Sam started to behave healthy and active way of life, after gaining much weight. Billie is against to very strict diets. She advises to eat healthy food, to have regimen, to have good meals with juice and poor liquid food regimen for about six hours, and this main recipes Billie Faiers weight loss.

Though Sam Faiers is not as popular as her sister, Sam Faiets weight loss was very shocking. Sam started to experience stomach cramps. After that, she was being diagnosed with incurable Crohn's disease. Just after that she decided to go in for sports and have active way of life. She eats healthy food and goes to fitness. Now she looks incredibly beautiful and really very feminine. After overcoming those difficulties, Sam decided to have her own fitness program on TV. She gained popularity very soon and she also has many followers on the social media. Sam claims that her motivation is to keep the body in a healthy and strong place, to do exercises even at home and always stay and be in shape. No matter what the size is if woman fells good, comfortable, feminine and beautiful, she will always succeed. It is more important how to feel about yourself. Two sisters, despite of being moms of two kids, Billie and San look hot, feminine and very beautiful. Being very active on social media, they always posted and share their personal and family photos with their fans. They told their stories to the whole world, in order to motivate and stimulate every women having the same problem with weight.