Jenna Jameson Weight Loss - Before And After Keto Meals

Jenna Jameson is 44 years old and she was born in Las Vegas. She is an American model and business entrepreneur. Jenna Jameson net worth forbes for about 30$ million.

Jameson married Brad Armstrong. The marriage has no long duration. they divorced soon. Jenna got married second time with Grdina. They had been trying a lot to have children. However, everything was in vain. Jameson had with skin cancer. Notwithstanding, the cancer had been removed, she miscarried after the operation. She could not to conceive again. Jenna Jameson got much weight and could not have a baby. She divorced with Grdina.

Jenna Jameson weight loss

Jenna Jameson has totally changed her life during the recent few years. Jenna loves very much to show her new outstanding figure after losing an incredible 80 pounds. Jenna is very active on social medias and she shares and post thousands of photos. She shows to the entire world how she loss weight and told about her transformation.

Jenna drank alcohol, she took drugs and behave not healthy way of life. That was why she gained much weight and did not look healthy and beautiful. Alcohol had great impact on her body. She decided to give it up. She told the whole world what sobriety brought to her life. She was surviving, not living. Sobriety had taught her a lot about herself. After three years recovery, she said that sobriety and a keto diet have helped her transform her body after giving birth to her daughter.

Jenna is very open to her terrible addiction. Her Instagram is full of photos of Jenna Jameson before and after weight loss. She wants to show and proof the world how she did it. She was encouraging people to know how beautiful everybody is, no matter the appearance.

Jenna Jameson before and after weight loss

Jenna Jameson keto meals

Jenna shared her keto meals plan with everybody. However, the keto diet may not fit to everybody, Jenna is definitely proof that people can change their lifestyles with a little desire. Her keto meals include:

  1. In the morning eggs with cheese and with avocado
  2. In lunch light salad with some kind of meat
  3. In dinner hamburger or boiled chicken
  4. Much water, coffee and more nuts
  5. More organic food

Jenna Jameson weight loss after keto meals

That is it. No magic. Results will be seen after four months. Jenna lost for about 57 pounds with the help of her keto meals. She also go running in the morning and of course fitness comes first. She loves her body very much right now. She look thinner and she shares her wonderful photos on Instagram every day. Jenna Jameson’s fans love to observe her transformation and love to observe her daily photos. She motivates everybody. Jenna always says that her weight loss is not about to please the society, it is just for herself. She needed it. Stay sexy and beautiful to please yourself. Everybody must honor the body, remember being beautiful, celebrate the victories, have a holiday plan, check progress, make comparisons and have diet plan. Jenna made a move and changed his lifestyle completely with being surrounded by loving people. Slow weight loss is the best. Take care and make healthy living.

Jenna Jameson after weight loss