How to lose weight before the New Year: a doctor has revealed an effective weight loss plan

In the time remaining until the New Year, it is really possible to lose two or three or more kilograms without harm to health. This will be enough for a person to start feeling much better. This was told by a nutritionist. He suggested an effective weight loss plan, which consists in changing the diet.

The nutritionist suggested starting weight loss with a mild fasting day. As part of it, it is allowed to eat 150g of white fish and cottage cheese, up to 700g of vegetables, one egg, 200g of cooked buckwheat, a tablespoon of olive oil, two slices of grain bread and drink two glasses of low-fat fermented milk drink. All this should be divided into five to six meals. Further, to maintain the effect, such a fasting day can be performed once or twice a week.

"It is very important to walk for at least 30-50 minutes on the first day at a good invigorating pace. Muscles will start to use fat better, appetite will decrease"

From the next day, you can start a keto diet. It consists in the fact that you do not need to thoroughly calculate the amount of carbohydrates, it is enough to simply remove sugar, sugar-containing foods, pasta, cereals and, with very rare exceptions, bread.

Starting from the fourth day, it is necessary to remove the bread and continue to follow the keto diet. According to the doctor's plan, more vegetables, flaxseed, olive oil and white fish should be added to the diet. A day you can afford a couple of servings of white fish, a couple of glasses of fermented milk drink, two eggs, one fruit, a tablespoon of berries, a few nuts (40-50g) and two slices of bran or Borodino bread.

From the fourth to the eighth day is the main stage of weight loss, during which you can lose up to two kilograms of weight.

Such a keto diet is a fairly easy start to further weight loss and recovery, not only for the New Year, but also after, the nutritionist believes. In the process of losing weight, he recommends walking 40-50 minutes a day and getting enough sleep.