A minute is enough: a nutritionist told about a way to lose weight without a gym - the "sports snack" method

Nutritionist Michael Mosley has revealed an easy way to burn fat and lose weight without going to the gym. This life hack is suitable for those who do not have time, but have a desire to add physical activity to their lives.

We can't always find an hour or two at the gym to give our body a load and pump up muscles to lose weight, keep fit and stay healthy for a long time.

Dr. Michael Mosley gave useful advice that will help you train and not spend a lot of time on it. He told about the "sports snack" method. Unlike snacks between lunch and dinner - it is very useful.

Won't take long

According to the expert, performing several short exercises during the day can be an analogue of a full-fledged workout.

"The idea is to set an alarm for about every 40 minutes - at a time when you are doing sedentary work. When it works, get up and do a minute set of exercises - it can be squats or a plank, push-ups or just walking up or down the stairs, running on the spot, whatever! The most important thing is to remain active," Michael Mosley said.

The "sports snack" method is useful because it can be included in your daily and even quite busy schedule without allocating additional time for a full workout, the expert clarifies.

Doing exercises in such short portions can help burn more calories, lose weight and normalize blood sugar and blood pressure even more than doing a full half-hour charge or a set of exercises, Mosley stressed.

Only sports are not enough

"Sports snack" is an effective method for losing weight, but exercise alone is not enough to lose excess weight.

"It is important to combine exercise with other lifestyle changes, in particular, it is necessary to switch to a high-protein diet," the nutritionist advises. - The most important thing for losing weight is to lose fat, not muscle, and that is why a low-calorie diet, such as smoothies and juices, is extremely dangerous. Our body needs protein. If he doesn't get it from your diet, he gets it from the muscles.

The doctor also reminded that a proper diet combined with moderate physical activity will at least definitely improve your mood.