What does Kate Middleton eat that allows her to weigh only 55 kg at her age

Kate Middleton is usually busy with royal duties, but she is the same person as the rest of us. It is reported that the Princess of Wales has repeatedly shopped at the grocery store herself. It's weird to praise someone for doing their own shopping, but let's be realistic - if you could let someone do all the errands for you, would you do it?

The secret of 40-year-old Kate Middleton's nutrition

  • Kate Middleton's diet is a healthy balanced healthy diet that gives her a mixture of proteins and carbohydrates. She avoids diets (rarely refers to them) and does not have a personal nutritionist.
  • She changes her diet depending on the condition. Kate Middleton went on the famous Dukan diet when she wanted to lose weight quickly after pregnancy. Currently, she pays more attention to a balanced diet. She loves chicken, lamb and seafood, but often refuses meat.
  • Kate Middleton prefers to eat desserts occasionally.

What exactly does the princess eat?

  • Her daily diet consists of a large amount of vegetables, seafood, salads and fruits to get the necessary amount of vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins.
  • She eats a few small meals every day, not a few large meals.

A few mandatory foods in her diet

  • Middleton prefers homemade dishes, including vegetable curries.
  • She likes to be adventurous in terms of nutrition and try new food. A big fan of spicy food, she often tries spicy dishes from different cuisines of the world.