Much thinner Rebel Wilson hinted at an engagement with her lover

Last night, 42-year-old Rebel Wilson intrigued subscribers of her blog with a picture taken on the birthday of artist Alex Israel. In the photo posted by Wilson on social networks, the actress poses with her lover Ramona Arguma, about the affair with whom she publicly announced in June this year. And on Rebel's ring finger there is a ring with a large green stone surrounded by a diamond placer. From which fans immediately concluded that the girls were secretly engaged. Clarifying questions poured into the comments, which the actress has decided to leave without comment so far.

Do I see an engagement ring?

Are you engaged? – some were interested.

I'm so glad Rebel found someone she's happy with. It's great to see that smile on her face!

She looks joyful, she's literally glowing all over! – wrote others.

Recall that Rebel Wilson made her cuming-out on June 9 of this year. The actress told her subscribers that from now on she identifies herself as a lesbian, and at the same time introduced them to her girlfriend. A year before that, the star of “Inveterate Scammers” broke up with her millionaire boyfriend, the heir to the American Budweiser brewery Jacob Bush, whose family as of 2016 ranked 16th among the richest families in the United States with assets of $ 13.4 billion. He was 11 years older than Rebel.

By the way, it was after meeting Bush that Wilson began to actively lose weight. Previously, Rebel weighed more than 100 kilograms, lost 20 pounds in a year. Her fitness trainer, Yono Castano Acero, and nutritionist Kate Save talked about how she managed it. But after the breakup, the transformation of the actress continued. She later admitted that she decided to lose weight in order to increase her chances of a healthy pregnancy. The star did not just go on a diet, but turned to specialists for help. First, she took a detox course, and then, together with a nutritionist and a trainer, she created her own nutrition and exercise program.