Jazmin Sullivan's weight loss: dispelling myths that she had surgery

Jazmine Sullivan does not leave body shamers to fend for themselves and honestly responds to their displeasure about "Jazmine Sullivan weight loss 2020".

In early October 2020, the famous R&B singer showed off her beautiful and slender body on the set of the new video for her new single "Lost One". For the most part, ordinary people and her fans were happy for her, because for Jazmine Sullivan, weight loss surgery was hardly an easy solution. She even received some kind words from her celebrity friends, such as Missy Elliot, Chloe x Holly and Melanie Fiona, who, as well as fans, supported Jazmine Sullivan weight loss 2020. But a minority remained who were concerned about her new slim look, saying that she looks "sickly" and "unhealthy", while loudly shouting about it in social networks. So basically the comments from people who were unhappy with her image were like, “God, I don’t know if this skinny is good for you,” “I hope this is due to the natural diet, Mom. Because if not, it won't last long. Be careful, ”replied people to Jazmine Sullivan weight loss surgery. Whether these comments were intended to offend her or were they really worried about her, Jasmine decided not to let it go.

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss surgery

In a post she posted on Instagram Stories this Friday, she wrote a statement for those who were unhappy with her new look. Her statement was that in real life she was not as slim as in the photo. She never intended to become thin. She currently weighs about 180 pounds.

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss photo 2020

“Last week I was dragged in saying that I looked sick. To be honest, I'm 12.180 pounds. " “There’s nothing skinny about me except my neck I’m still 5'8” so I sometimes photograph a little slimmer than I am. But I'm not thin, and that was never my goal, ”says 33-year-old Jasmine Sullivan about her weight loss on her Instagram.

The goal of Jazmine Sullivan weight loss 2019 came to her in order to support her mother, who is now sick with cancer. She began to engage in fitness and veganism - it paid off. “My goal was to support my mother in her fight against cancer by making her vegan, and that in turn helped me. And I feel very good "- says Jasmine about this. Jazmine Sullivan will support weight loss regimen, since she does not plan to stop there and will continue to take care of his health practicing fitness and veganism." On my journey I have something to work on, and I am far from an example of health and fitness. But I'm trying ... And I will continue to do it with my mother! Bless you, love you, "she said, and then wrote:" Stop talking about people. Vote in November!"

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss regimen

All in all, her pursuit of fitness and veganism did not interfere with her creativity. She also revealed that she is working on new music. After a long lull in her work, many began to think that she would not continue her career as a singer, but there were those who continued to harbor hopes. And to the delight of the first and second at the end of August she returned with her new single "Lost One", which became the first single in the last few years.

Jazmine Sullivan weight loss before and after 2020