Believe It Or Not But Natalie Cassidy Lost Weight

In brief, the artist has always had a certain degree of completeness. Now she is 36 years old. By the way, she started her acting career 27 years ago at the age of 11. Just for the record, Natalie Cassidy weighed 10stone and 8 pounds. It is quite a lot at her height of 162 cm. It took Natalie Cassidy's lost weight urgently.

The actress gained popularity thanks to her cast as Sonia Fowler in East-Enders. It cast she started to play in 1993, and it lasted 12 years. No doubt, this is her main achievement. Thanks to this, she became a TV presenter and journalist.

The fight against overweight was beginning after the end of the filming of the series. Once the actress was able to get out of her character's image. The thing is Sonia Fowler was fat according to the script, and she couldn't lose weight until the end of the filming. Then East-Enders star Natalie Cassidy's lost weight has finished for the first time. Probably, it was because the actress was actively involved in the reality show.

Believe it or not but Natalie Cassidy lost weight

The star was no different from a diet. In 2007 Natalie Cassidy weight loss and also launched her gymnastics disc Back then and now on DVD. On the one hand, the result has achieved, Natalie Cassidy's lost weight, but on the other hand, the star received a disorder of eating behavior.

It led to a health disorder and ill health. Natalie Cassidy talked about it in the Heat magazine in 2009. She told her she was taking laxatives after dinner when she came home. It was not a very good idea. After all, either way, the weight of the actress returned to its previous value.

On September 24, 2010, Natalie Cassidy and transport manager AdamCottrell had a child, Eliza Beatrice Cottrell. This event for several years distracted the actress from taking care of the figure. The couple broke up in 2013 and the way to Natalie Cassidy 2019 countdown began. She was scared of the body mass index. It wasn't just a lot: it was off the charts.

Back to a healthy lifestyle, the star began to combine dietary and fitness. The actress started running. One day, she ran 18 miles and tweeted it to her subscribers. It happened during the preparations for the London Marathon. She made a marathon in homage to her girlfriend who played with Barbara Windsor.

The actress not only trained but also changed her diet. Twelve years after East-Enders Natalie Cassidy's weight loss, the woman spoke Now journal that she had decided to change her image. Natalie lost at least three stones of weight, according to Steve Miller, an expert on weight loss.

The BBC film is pointlessly telling how Natalie Cassidy weight loss, and reduced its dimension from 16 to 8. She has grown thin on legs, face, neck, and arms; her self-esteem has increased. The actor seems great.

Jessica Ennis Hill; is Olympian; claims that everyone can achieve such results. The new Natalie Cassidy diet of 2019 is not a new one. It is necessary to combine diet and exercise. You can quickly lose 10 pounds a week.

Believe it or not but Natalie Cassidy lost weight