How to lose weight quickly without giving up sweets

To lose weight, it is not necessary to give up sweets. For weight loss, it is important not to exclude foods from the diet, but to add them. The "secret formula" of slimness was revealed by Australian nutritionist Leanne Ward.

The essence of the "secret formula" is to make your diet balanced. According to the expert, the main meals should contain fiber, animal and vegetable proteins and healthy fats. There should be at least three types of colored vegetables in the dish.

At the same time, the nutritionist notes that it is necessary to add a small sweet dessert.

It is noted that if you abruptly refuse any products, the weight can go away quickly, but then after leaving the diet or a sudden breakdown, it will return again. If you make a balanced diet, add mobility and moderate physical activity to your life, then the body will recover, and the weight will go away gradually, but for a long time.

The nutritionist also stressed that you need to think about losing weight as little as possible, try not to dwell on it. And it is also very important to observe the sleep regime.