Water also needs to be drunk properly! The nutritionist told what kind of water will accelerate weight loss

In order for water to contribute to weight loss, it must meet several criteria

Water participates in all metabolic processes of the body and helps to cleanse it of toxins, accelerates metabolism. To get rid of excess weight, you need to drink water that has certain properties.

The nutritionist noted that if you drink not enough water, the weight loss process may slow down. In addition, the water you drink should be at room temperature. Water from high-altitude springs is well absorbed by the body and helps to lose weight faster. Boiled water is also useful, because it flushes the intestines well, the nutritionist added.

Tap water in the composition of tea or coffee is much worse absorbed. In addition, in order for water to be better absorbed and contribute to weight loss, you need to drink equal portions, distributing them throughout the day.