Is it possible to lose weight with hot water?

Experts in the field of fitness and nutrition agreed that losing weight with hot water is more of a myth than the truth. And all the positive effects in this direction are due to other concomitant reasons.

The "weight loss effect" may be due to the duration of water absorption.

Warm or hot water stays in the stomach a little longer in comparison with cold water. This reduces appetite and dulls the feeling of hunger. There are recommendations to drink about half a liter of warm or hot water before meals to reduce the amount of food consumed. This technique allows you to reduce the number of incoming calories, which can contribute to weight loss.

It is important to take into account the personal recommendations of a nutritionist, because a reduced diet can lead to health problems.

For weight loss, it is important to train regularly, clearly maintain the time of muscle work under load, rest between sets and the level of load. If at the same time you consume a sufficient amount of water, preferring warm or hot, then the result will not take long to wait.