7 facts about sweating for weight loss

People are sure that it is possible to become slim in a short term and get rid of body fat by sweating as much as you can during exercising. That is why it is so popular to buy fitness belts and use them even in extreme heat. However, does sweating help you lose weight, or is it just a myth? Let's figure it out.

Why do we sweat at all?

  1. It is necessary to avoid overheating. The average temperature is 36.6C. When it rises, our organism releases moisture through millions of sweat glands, which cools the body. It accompanies weight loss. Why does sweating help lose weight different to some people? This also depends on the genetic and physical characteristics of a person — his weight, sex, age. If the temperature rises above 37 degrees, we begin to sweat, and with sweat we lose water, salt, sugar and a small amount of toxins.
  2. Sweating a lot in the heat does not mean that you are burning calories or fat. This is just an indication that the body needs to lower its temperature in order to function properly. The reply for the question does sweating burn calories is: no.
  3. People with a higher fat percent tend to sweat more profusely because their body weight takes longer to cool down. It happens not because more fat is burning during training, but simply because they have to lower the temperature of a larger area ofthe body.
  4. Really does sweating help lose weight or fat? Fat is broken down into fatty acids and then digested. Water is partially released from these compounds, which can come out with sweat. In this case, sweating is not the cause of the loss of fat breakdown, but its consequence. How does sweating more help lose weight during training? It washes away the metabolism products.
  5. The process of using fat to provide energy to the body works independently of the process that makes us sweat. They often happen at the same time, so people think they are related.
  6. Training in hot rooms doesn’t mean you’re burning more fat. You are just raising up your temperature, which makes you sweat harder. If you ask your sport instructor: does sweating a lot help lose weight, he will warn you against overheating.
  7. You may also have noticed that after an intense workout, during which you sweat a lot, the scales arrow shows a much lower figure. However, this does not mean that you have lost a few pounds of fat, you just got rid of some fluid. Now your body needs to fulfill water balance, so you will gain the same weight as soon as you drink. This is how does sweating more help you lose weight: just for a short time.

7 facts about sweating for weight loss


If the body is dehydrated, then you will not sweat at all. And when his body temperature rises, it will not have resources to cool down. At a certain level of dehydration, you can feel bad and be at risk to your health. This will ultimately lead to loss of performance.

Sweat is produced by the body from the available fluid, but not from fat cells, as they are very difficult to break down into pieces. If you train without water, you probably won't sweat at all. As a result, your temperature will rise, but your body will not be able to struggle it. If you're still wondering does sweating burn calories, it's best to ask your fitness trainer.