Few secrets of Kerry Washington beauty

Kerry Washington fans were concerned about her health. She appeared at the end of February 2019 on the Oscars festivities with a noticeable loss of weight, which caused the worrying of fans, who wondered is Kerry Washington sick or just tired. Fortunately, the worst fears were not confirmed, and Kerry's thinness was the result of her hard work and busy schedule.

Now, a year later, the actress looks amazing and is in perfect physical shape. How did she do it? Let's figure out what helps the actress withstand 16 hours of shooting and stay vigorous. The secret of Kerry Washington weight loss diet is gentle Pilates workouts, a vitamin-rich diet and a drinking regimen.

Kerry Washington workouts

Kerry devotes several hours a week to training with coach Nonna Gleyzer, who works with many celebrities. It was Nonna who developed a system of exercises for gentle handling of Kerry's joints. Previously, the actress worked with another trainer, and increased training led to a pinched cervical nerve. For 6 years now, she has been training with Nonna, and we all see excellent results of the diet on Kerry Washington face and perfect figure. The coach notes Kerry's high discipline and focus on results, which inspires respect and admiration.

Kerry Washington weight loss diet

Kerry Washington diet

Kerry is known for her love of fruits and vegetables, which form the basis of her diet. Frequent small meals allow her to maintain the strength of the body at the same level throughout the day and provided Kerry Washington weight loss without risking health. A large amount of natural vitamins cleanses the body of toxins and ensures perfect skin condition. A few years ago, while filming with Carrie, actress Reese Witherspoon borrowed the recipe for Washington's nutritious cocktail. This cocktail is still her breakfast.

Here's the recipe:

  • 120 g spinach
  • 2 heads of lettuce
  • 1 pear
  • 1 apple
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 glass of coconut water

All this is whipped into a smoothie. This fruit combination makes Kerry Washington face glowing health. The combination of several fruits with different vitamin composition provides the body with antioxidants for the whole day. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain maximum nutrients with few calories.

Few secrets of Kerry Washington beauty


Kerry's first beauty coach was her mother, who taught her to drink plenty of clean water throughout the day. As a teenager, Kerry only rolled her eyes in response to such recommendations, but as an adult, she appreciated the genius and usefulness of her mother's advice. This recommendation now forms the basis of the Kerry Washington weight loss diet and detoxifies the body. In addition to water, the actress is very fond of coconut water, which we see in the smoothie recipe.

Kerry Washington weight loss

Small weaknesses

Thanks to all this, no one else thinks is Kerry Washington sick, she looks great. A busy schedule of work and training does not mean that Kerry cannot relax. She admits that she loves sweets, especially cookies. On holidays and traveling, she allows herself a little alcohol. In the movie «Scandal» we often see her with a glass of wine in her hand, but in fact there is grape juice. With a diet like this, some sweets can't hurt Kerry Washington weight loss, but keep her good mood.