Lose weight for the New Year and 3 simple habits that will help you lose weight quickly and easily

There is less and less time until the New Year, and many of those who planned to build for the holiday have not yet started their journey in this direction. But it's okay, you'll have time for everything. To shine at the festive table in a stunning outfit and collect admiring glances, get a few simple habits right today.

Move more

The advice is elementary, but working. If you do not want to run, pull iron and you are sick of doing aerobics in a group, try to increase the number of walks. Walking is much more useful than running. You can walk in the evening, on your lunch break, or get out of transport a couple of stops earlier to walk to work. Replace the elevator with hiking stairs. If you are not satisfied with the weather conditions or you live on the ground floor, clean the house thoroughly. Watch videos on YouTube or download a free yoga app (for example), classes for beginners will definitely not drive you into stress and there will be no one to compare yourself with.

Try to spend the weekend actively: ride a bike or roller skates, go to an ice rink or climbing wall, go on an easy hike.

Add the salad

Order or make a vegetable salad with butter, Greek yogurt or low-fat sour cream. Let there be a salad or fresh vegetables in each of your meals.

You can add psyllium to the dish — this is the husk of plantain seeds. It perfectly saturates, cleanses the intestines and is generally very useful for the body.

Make it a rule: before eating, drink a glass of plain water, then eat a salad, and then the main course. So you will definitely get enough, but you will eat less.

Stop drinking sugar

Give up sugary drinks and alcohol. Don't quench your thirst with soda.

Artificially carbonated drinks are very harmful to our body. In the same list we add the popular energy companies today. They will not bring any benefit, but they will help to gain extra pounds. About alcohol, I think it makes no sense to explain. Everyone knows that alcoholic beverages contain more calories than any other. And these are "bad" calories — they do not give energy to our body, and they disrupt the carbohydrate balance.

Forget about sweet teas, coffee, milkshakes, drinking yoghurts and juices. These liquids do not give you saturation, but they generously give you carbohydrates.

Drink water, tea or coffee without sugar. These drinks will help quench thirst and will not add extra centimeters in the waist.

If you follow at least these simple rules, it will already be very useful for your body. Changes in the mirror will not take long.