Living: Top 4 Weight Loss Tips For Kids You Need To Know

By Shawn Clark

As the importance of a healthy lifestyle starts to exert its influence on the society, the reputation of chubby kids has taken a turn for the worst.

People no longer embrace them like they used to and parents are no longer looking forward to having cute and slightly overweight kids. Public opinion towards chubby kids has undertaken such a drastic change that instead of being the symbol of cuteness, they are now frowned upon and reflect badly on their parents.

To further compound to their misery, kids who exhibit the slightest hint of overweight tend to become victims of bullying by their own peers. Although education systems have actively tried to eradicate this behavior, it is still a relatively predominant issue.

There is also the heightened focus on the future health implications that these children might be susceptible to.

Worryingly, Australia seems to be immune to this global trend and remains unconcerned about childhood obesity. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare provides statistics that shows childhood obesity standing at 25%. While the other countries have vigorously tried to lower this statistic, Australia seems to have moved in the opposite direction.

Between 1995 to 2012, the national childhood obesity rate has increased from 21% to 26%. Taking all these factors into consideration, it becomes a priority for these kids to start losing some weight and achieve a healthier weight range.

Safe Weight Loss Techniques for Kids

Parents should take note that regular weight loss guides are not suitable for kids. Unlike adults, there is no urgency in forcing a kid to lose weight quickly and effectively. Children do not have the required immunity and tolerance to undergo major lifestyle fitness changes.

Moreover, their body system is still in the growth and development stage where nutrients and vitamins are of the utmost importance. To help parents who find themselves stuck in this predicament, compiled below are 4 tips to aid in a safe and effective weight loss tips for the kids.

1. Slowly but surely

The first course of action is to set a reasonable weight target for the kids to achieve. As they are still in the growing process, it might not be necessary for them to lose weight but rather just decrease the rate of weight gain. There are certain minor changes that can be easily implemented to change a kid’s dietary plan without affecting the taste or appearance.

Changing to nonfat or low-fat milk is definitely a good way to start. Next, introducing whole grains to the dining table can also prevent kids from pilling on the excess weight. Last but not least, parents should also be reminded of the benefits of home-cooked meals and should make a conscientious effort to avoid fast food restaurants.

2. Get the family on board

Given their young age, kids are more open to influence and easily convinced make certain changes. To help them adapt to a healthier diet, parents are recommended to get the whole family on-board. In this way, the kids do not feel ostracized and will become more readily acceptable towards healthier food options.

At the same time, the whole family reaps the benefits of a healthier dietary plan.

3. Stay active and increase the fun

A 2009 research highlighted the association between physical inactivity and obesity in kids. Using data collected from 25,060 children across 76 schools, the scientists discovered that boys who are physically inactive are 1.5 times more likely to be overweight.

Similarly, girls who exercise less are more than 2 times more likely fall under the obese category.

Health experts recommend that kids get approximately 1 hour of physical activity on a daily basis. These activities do not have to happen all once, they can happen at different intervals throughout the day. Parents can easily incorporate fun ideas into their daily routine to help them adjust to the new routines. For instance, cycling around the neighborhood or having a kickabout session in the park are fun ideas to pique the interest of the kids.

4. Emotional support

When implementing these changes to a kid’s lifestyle, the most important factor is emotional support. With the necessary support and guidance to assist them throughout the journey, these kids will have an increased chance of achieving healthy weight loss. As shown by a study consisting of 2918 participants, parental support is the best form of treatment for any problems during adolescence.

Furthermore, a report published in 2004 highlights that parental support leaves a permanent effect on kids which extends throughout their lifetime. Adequate parental guidance contributes to better personal control, higher self-esteem and enables them to build lasting social relationships during their adulthood.


The topic of weight loss for kids can be rather tricky and requires a certain degree of sensitivity when addressing it. For those who are more tuned to traditional beliefs, they might find this notion repulsive and excessive as they firmly believe that kids should be allowed to consume their favorite food, rather than be restricted in their indulgence.

Nonetheless, actions must be taken to correct the issue of childhood obesity and parents play a vital role in it. Other than changing dietary plans and increasing physical activity, emotional support for the kids cannot be neglected. Through the successful implementation of the 4 guidelines above, overweight kids will enjoy an increased chance of attaining a healthier weight range.

Author Bio: Shawn Clark is a Health, Beauty and Fitness Adviser. For the past 5 years, he is providing nutrition counseling, fitness training and health advice all over Phoenix, Arizona. Specializes on beauty, male sexual health, female sexual health, mental health, bone health, weight loss, detox & dietary supplements. Connect with him on Facebook, Twitter , Linkedin and on Google+.