Why you can't really drink alcohol during weight loss: nutritionists have revealed the real reasons why

Many people know that experts in the field of weight loss do not recommend during active weight loss to even look in the direction of alcoholic beverages.

A person who is far from understanding important physiological processes, does not always understand what such a strict prohibition can be associated with.

Many people have a rather loyal attitude to a small portion of alcohol, so they do not give up the habit and during the diet. This, in turn, not only negatively affects the state of health, but also prevents you from losing weight.

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Why it is actually impossible to consume alcoholic beverages during weight loss


Many people forget that alcohol also has an energy value. Especially "insidious" in this matter are cocktails, which seem to be the most "harmless" kind of alcohol. However, the caloric value of the drink will vary depending on the components used.

Also, cocktails that are prepared on the basis of juices are extremely harmful to the figure.

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Experts note that the use of even a modest amount of alcohol instantly affects metabolism: metabolism becomes extremely slow.

After it will be extremely difficult to get rid of this "unpleasant bonus".

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Not everyone is mindful of the fact that alcoholic beverages cause swelling. Even if you have consumed a little alcohol, it becomes a reason for fluid retention in the body anyway.

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Any alcohol leads to a noticeable increase in appetite. Therefore, it is important to realize that even 1-2 glasses of wine can lead to significant overeating.

If we are talking about drinking alcohol in specialized establishments, then the situation becomes even worse. The fact is that bars have a very limited choice of snacks, so they serve quite unhealthy and caloric food.