What 5 mistakes do not allow you to lose weight: the opinion of nutritionists

Some people are confident that they are losing weight correctly, but the weight indicators stand still. In rare cases, this may indeed be due to body problems. Basically, the excess weight does not want to go away because of the mistakes made.

Forget about the "apple rule"

Not everyone knows that a person who watches the figure always has a lot of apples in the refrigerator. This fruit is a real find for losing weight.

The basic rule is to eat an apple when you are hungry. This will help protect against overeating, as well as improve health.

Do not drink 2 liters of water

Even the most effective diet in the world will not allow you to lose weight if you do not drink a daily allowance of water. It is the liquid that allows you to remove slags, toxins, and salts from the body.

Therefore, strictly follow the daily norm of water for weight loss.

Don't know how much you actually eat

Many people don't really know how many calories they consume during the day. Some fundamentally do not attach importance to this issue, while others are too lazy to count.

Sometimes even ordinary soup can cause overeating if you cook it on red meat with fried vegetables.

Therefore, it is worth analyzing your diet.

Sedentary lifestyle

The lack of normal physical activity leads not only to weight gain, but also to the development of dangerous diseases.

If sports activities are not to your taste, then you can concentrate on walking and performing simple exercises at home.

Forget about the diary

Experts recommend everyone losing weight to keep a diary in which you need to honestly and objectively record everything that you drink and eat during the day.

After analyzing your records, you can find sources of empty calories and junk food, which it would be wiser to give up.