6 effective tricks for fast weight loss

This will really help to lose weight noticeably over time. And it will not require either starvation or physical exertion.

Go to bed a little in advance

At least for 15 minutes compared to when you usually go to bed. This trick is called "a dream for the future."

An extra 15 minutes a day does not mean anything, but count the total – you will get an extra hour or two of sleep per week.

This allows you to activate the hormone melatonin and will set the body up for weight loss – at a hormonal level.

Eat every three hours

The principle of fractional nutrition, which provides acceleration of metabolism in the body.

In this scenario, he will not accumulate calories – and will get rid of them along with fat reserves.

Important: your total amount of food for the day should not increase from this – this is your usual volume, only evenly divided for the whole day.

You yourself will soon feel that you are unlikely to be able to eat much at this pace.

Let your breakfast be late

If possible, postpone it.

Then the body will expend energy on morning activities. And – it will be his own reserves (since you have not yet gained calories before breakfast), which will accelerate weight loss.

Minimum – 5 minutes of walking per day

This is the most extreme minimum if you are trying to keep in shape or lose weight.

Eat an apple a day

The best product on the way to recovery and weight loss, because its fiber has a good effect on the work of the intestine.

It has long been noted that those who love apples achieve faster results in weight loss.

Drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach

This allows you to dull the feeling of hunger in the morning, and will help the body burn more calories.

This is useful regardless of weight loss, even at any time of the day: simply because it activates the digestive tract and prepares the body for food intake / effective absorption of nutrients.