Eating disorder as an aspect of psychological health

Along with the problem of improper nutrition, dieting and overeating, the current society is faced with the psychological problem of improper eating. Someone can cope on their own, and someone needs psychological help.

Types of disorders

  • Anorexia nervosa is intentional starvation, fear of gaining extra pounds, obsessive ideas of losing weight and constant physical exertion.
  • Bulimia is characterized by constant overeating, after which a person specifically causes a gag reflex or uses laxatives.
  • Psychogenic overeating as a result of stress, accompanied by a sharp weight gain and obesity.

In most cases, girls aged 13-18, women and athletes fall into the risk zone of eating disorders. Eating disorder has a strong impact on both the human body and his psyche.

Signs of an eating disorder

The main feature is a loss of appetite, which can be accompanied by various diseases (fever, weakness, dizziness). Obsessive ideas about food, constant control of calories and weight. Eating in public places is terrifying and causes discomfort. Daily workouts are combined with basic physical work. Reflection in the mirror causes dissatisfaction, even if others claim that no changes are needed. In women, lack of weight manifests itself in violation of the menstrual cycle. Constant night snacking and excessive love of sweets can cause feelings of shame and self-hatred.

The path to recovery

The desire to have a beautiful figure, and the desire to lose weight is a natural process. But it is impossible to stamp complexes and self-doubt. Awareness of the existing problem does not come immediately. This is a long and painful path, which you can cope with by contacting close people and specialists.

It is necessary to start the recovery process by rethinking the importance of food in the body and the right attitude to a healthy body. Only by listening to your body can you succeed. The resulting eating disorders can lead to death, and the timely assistance of a specialist can save a life. It must be remembered that anorexia and bulimia are not only problems with food, but the main reason that hides inside, in the most secluded corners of memory.

But one has only to look at life from the other side and it will immediately sparkle with bright colors of happiness.