The psychologist named 4 reasons for the accumulation of fat on the abdomen and sides

Have you noticed that sometimes we can't lose weight, even if we are on a diet and doing sports? It turns out that there may be psychological reasons, because of which, for example, the stomach grows imperceptibly.

The psychologist is sure that it often does not work out to lose weight because of the negative emotions that we experience regularly. In fact, the volume of the body is influenced by our feelings and the stresses experienced.

The psychologist said that you can easily get rid of excess weight by performing simple breathing exercises. But first let's look at the source of the problem.

4 reasons why the belly grows

4 reasons why the belly grows

"Most often excess weight is associated with psychological reasons. That is why diets, massages and sometimes even sports can be simply powerless here," the psychologist is sure.

According to the expert, the appearance of a bulky tummy may be due to these 4 reasons.

A sense of basic security

The stomach is the place where our fear for life lives. This is the most unprotected and sensitive part of the body. The brain is protected by the cranium, the heart is protected by the chest, and the abdominal organs are extremely vulnerable. In a moment of danger, a person instinctively grabs his stomach, covering it with his hands, or curls up, subconsciously protecting vital organs. When we systematically feel unsafe, the stomach begins to become overgrown with "armor".

A sense of personal boundaries

The digestive tract is the first to react to any invasion. No wonder the intestines are called the "second brain". While our heads have not yet realized what is happening, the stomach has already reacted. The state of constant defense leads to a natural desire to defend oneself, to build an additional "fence", and the larger it is, the safer it is. And again, "hello, fat!".

Femininity and sexuality weightloss

Femininity and sexuality

A beautiful female tummy, namely the waist, is one of the most attractive parts of the body for men. But if for some reason a woman is afraid to attract the attention of representatives of the opposite sex, then this zone also acquires protection, hiding sexuality under a layer of fat.

The need for love

The stomach is the place where our inner child lives, vulnerable and unprotected. His basic needs are love, warmth, care. If we do not receive such nourishment in full, we begin to "replenish" it on our own, "enveloping" our inner child, as if enclosing it in a soft embrace.

"If you realized that the causes of excess weight are related to psychological factors, then you need to solve them through psychology. There is a direction in psychotherapy that reveals a clear connection between emotional experiences and manifestations in the body," the expert believes.

Prolonged restraint of negative emotions leads to psychosomatic tension in the body, the appearance of a muscle block or "shell". And, as a result, it disrupts blood circulation, causes swelling, accumulation of adipose tissue.

Exercises from stubborn belly fat

Exercises from stubborn belly fat

How to get rid of abdominal block? Of course, with the help of breathing, the expert believes.

"Breathing practices can be applied daily. They do not take much time and do not require special training. These exercises, with conscious and constant performance, will give a powerful therapeutic effect. The psychological state will improve, and the hated kilograms will inevitably begin to melt," the psychologist is sure.

"Lowen's Arch"

Stand up steadily, feet 40-45 cm wide. The knees are relaxed, slightly bent. The feet are parallel to each other, the heels are pressed tightly to the floor.

Place your fists on the lower back area and push the pelvis forward. The head looks straight (you don't throw it back, you don't lower it down). Breathe deeply through your mouth, with sound.

"During the exercise, you will feel tension in the places where there are muscle blocks. Over time, they will "dissolve". If you do the practice correctly, you will feel the warmth in your body, you will feel how emotions break out. In no case do not restrain them, be sure to live. I advise you to start from 1 minute, gradually increasing the time up to half an hour," explains the psychologist.

Knocking out fear and Removing the clamp for weight loss

"Knocking out fear"

Take a deep breath, and then exhale with a long "c" sound until the air runs out. Repeat several times.

Repeat the same with the sound "f".

In the third part, perform a sharp exhalation with a "hey" sound.

"Imagine that you are throwing sound with your breath from the solar plexus zone, like a ping-pong ball. Repeat several times," says the specialist.

And finally, create a vibration by lightly tapping your palms in the abdominal area. Deep breathing through the mouth, each exhalation is accompanied by the sound "a". Mentally imagine how you beat out fear and other negative emotions.

"Removing the clamp"

You need to lie on your back. Put both hands on your stomach just above the navel. Breathe deeply and evenly through your mouth.

Then, on the inhale, begin to give a strong enough resistance, pressing your hands on your stomach, remove the pressure on the exhale.

"At first, this technique may be difficult, but gradually the muscle clamp will weaken, and the abdominal area will relax," says the psychologist.