Sleep mode, or the three main reasons why it is difficult to lose weight in the fall

In the struggle for a beautiful figure, every nuance should be taken into account – even the one that you do not attach much importance to. For example, you understand how important it is to choose the right intensity of sports loads or to give up fast food, but you can hardly imagine that even ... the time of the year can delay the process of achieving the intended goal! This is exactly what will be discussed today.

The paradox of autumn weight loss

Doctors all over the world are sure that it is more difficult to lose weight in autumn than in summer or spring. Experts from the USA and Europe have long conducted the necessary research and found out that from September to November, the number of clients from nutritionists grows by about 1.5-2 times. It is also interesting that most of them come to the doctor with complaints or even disappointment in diets and sports, because they allegedly do not work. Naturally, when a nutritionist tries to convey to the patient the true causes of weight loss problems, few people believe him. And in vain, because if you find out more about the specifics of autumn weight loss, you can turn all its disadvantages into advantages.

What prevents us from losing weight in the fall

What prevents us from losing weight in the fall

1. Slow metabolism

The natural rhythms of the human body function without regard to your sleep and work schedule. In autumn, natural biorhythms slow down, because the daylight hours are shortened and solar activity decreases. Along with them, it reduces its pace and metabolism – it already takes twice as much load and time to burn one dessert than in hot summer. This also explains the paradox of "vacation weight loss", when a person eats without a calorie deficit, but still loses weight.

In autumn, biorhythms seriously affect the work of the heart, so it's worth giving up too intense loads for a while. The main method of weight loss should be proper nutrition without harmful fats and simple carbohydrates.

2. "Economy mode"

Violation of the metabolic rate is a typical autumn problem. The body "turns on" the energy saving mode until the onset of spring. In case you go without food for a long time, the body tends to stock up on as much fat as possible. All calories not spent on physical activity turn into fat deposits on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks.

You can cheat the process of fat accumulation if you defeat its main symptom – drowsiness. A short daylight day plays a cruel joke with the human consciousness and deprives it of energy and ability to work. To get rid of chronic drowsiness, you first need to adjust the night sleep mode, that is, refuse to read from the tablet or smartphone screen in bed, eat only light foods for dinner and go to bed according to a comfortable, but still schedule.

3. Improper nutrition

You can't get rid of excess weight without changing your approach to your own nutrition. But how to do this if in the fall you want to get rid of depression as soon as possible with the help of a chocolate bar or a fast food burger? To lose weight, you need to keep a constant calorie count, or use special applications for this.