Interval fasting combined with intense physical exercise can help you lose twice as much weight

Interval fasting, in which people have a short window for meals, brunch and early dinner, is popular among celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston.

No less popular among busy people are training in short bursts, the so-called HIIT (high-intensity interval training). The study showed that both together can help women lose about twice as much weight as interval fasting and interval training separately.

The two methods work better together

The researchers recruited 131 overweight women aged 19 to 45 years, asking a quarter of them to practice interval fasting, a quarter - interval training and a quarter - both, for a total of seven weeks. The remaining women — a control group of 33 people — continued their usual diet and physical activity for seven weeks.

People who adhered to the interval fasting regime lost 2.1 kg of body weight. Those who were engaged in high-intensity walking or running lost 1.7 kg.

Women from the group who practiced both together lost about twice as much, dropping an average of almost 3.6 kg.

Researchers say that eating for a shorter period of time every day means that people reduce the amount of calories consumed, but exercise is also important because it helps the body burn fat more efficiently.

What are the advantages of combining interval fasting and high-intensity interval training

High-intensity exercises can be performed quickly in a short period of time, so they fit more easily into the daily routine. Eating with a time limit is a fairly simple way to lose weight, the main thing is not to eat after a certain time. There is no need to give up certain foods, count calories or carefully study the labels on the products.

The main principle of interval fasting is that you have time to eat everything you eat within a 10-hour window. Ideally, the fasting interval should be extended to 16 hours. It is also recommended to eat sweet and carbohydrate foods in the morning.

High-intensity exercises can last 30-35 minutes, the intensity of the load is important. Choose running or intensive walking with a slope and high speed. The main thing is that the load should be noticeable. This type of physical activity is convenient because it does not take much time, but brings results that will double if you eat with a time limit, keeping within an 8-10-hour window.