Named a way to lose weight at a sedentary job

With prolonged sedentary work, you can lose excess weight by lifting your heels

Scientists at the University of Houston (USA) came to the conclusion that you can lose weight sitting by lifting your heels for 15 minutes a day. According to the lead author of the study, Mark Hamilton, pressing the flounder muscle allows you to activate the muscles in the shin area and maintain an active metabolism in the body for several hours, even in a sitting position.

Scientists have described an exercise for those who want to lose weight sitting: you need to raise your heel as high as possible without lifting the front part of the foot from the floor, then slowly lower the heel.

Researchers claim that such exercise is more effective for regulating blood glucose levels than running, dieting and interval fasting. It reduces sugar levels by 52%, reduces the need for insulin by 60%, doubles the rate of fat metabolism in the body and reduces the level of fat in the blood, scientists said.