Named the best breakfast option for fast weight loss

The fitness trainer told how much and when exactly it is worth eating in order to quickly lose excess weight. At the same time, the expert considers breakfast to be the most important meal.

Certified fitness trainer Aaron Brown named three breakfast options that will help get rid of extra pounds.

According to the expert, you should have a hearty and hearty breakfast, consuming half of the daily calorie allowance. It is best to give preference to dairy products, poultry, beef, white fish and seafood. The trainer emphasizes that food rich in low-fat protein satisfies hunger better and faster without overeating.

You can also eat protein products with healthy fats and fiber for breakfast: eggs, red fish, fruits and vegetables. The third option of eating in the morning may consist of eggs, avocado, fatty fish, spinach, mushrooms and vegetables.

Brown cites research data according to which consuming most of the food in the morning helps to lose weight. Eating 50% of the daily calorie allowance for breakfast, 30% for lunch and 20% for dinner, the participants of the experiment lost 9 kg in 12 weeks. Those who preferred to eat tightly at lunch lost only 3.5 kilograms.