Lose weight in a dream and is it possible to wake up slim?

Sleep can have a positive effect on the weight loss process in combination with other items.

Losing weight in a dream is a dream of many. It seems that this is the fastest way to get what you want with minimal costs. But is it possible in reality? Is it possible to fall asleep and wake up in the morning with a perfect figure?

Here's a spoiler for you right at the beginning of the material — of course not. Sleep by itself does not affect weight loss in any way, but it can have a positive effect in combination with other items.

What should a dream be like

Sleep should ideally be seven or eight hours. It is during this period that the body can fully recover and it is at this moment that glucose decreases.

"Metabolic processes in the body are the same at night as during the day. But at night a person does not eat, tries to sleep, so during this interval without food, hunger wakes up, which is felt in the morning. In particular, hormonal rhythms are normalized during sleep."

In other words, when you wake up feeling hungry, it means that the body has properly used up the glucose received during the day. If there is no appetite in the morning, then perhaps you have eaten too much at night, experience increased anxiety, stress, and so on.

What should dinner be like

It is worth remembering that you can not eat before going to bed, the last meal should be two to three hours in advance - this will help you fall asleep faster. Also, there will be no glucose rise, you will sleep peacefully, without disturbing dreams and frequent awakenings.

The body at night should expend the energy that we received during the day, and not spend it on digesting everything that we ate before going to bed. This helps, among other things, to support many life—support processes - improving the condition of blood vessels, heart function, etc.

What is the best diet to help you fall asleep and prepare for bed:

  • Dinner or a snack should be two to three hours before bedtime. Just take into account your daily routine: if the rises are early, therefore, you fall asleep a little earlier, then the last meal should be at 21.00 or 20.00. If you get up around 12.00, then the meal can be at 22.00 or 23.00. Remember that the rule — "you can't eat after 18.00" does not work for everyone. And, most likely, it will suit exactly the category of people who go to bed at 21.00.
  • Exclude sweet, salty, spicy and fried foods from the evening diet. Your dinner should consist of light and quickly digestible foods. For example, baked fish or poultry, stewed turkey, vegetable salads with herbs. Yoghurts and fermented milk products are also suitable. But it is better to refuse fruits, they contain too much glucose, it is better to replace them with berries or vegetables.

In addition, a cucumber or half an avocado, a handful of cashew nuts, a baked apple without added sugar or honey can be a good dinner option.

Also, do not forget about foods rich in melatonin and tryptophan. These indicators will provide you with a natural healthy sleep cycle. These products include: eggs, turkey, radish, brown rice, ginger, sesame seeds, red or black caviar, red wine (here we remember that we are talking only about a glass, 150 milliliters).

Stable emotional state

At the moment when a person is not irritated, does not experience stress, increased anxiety, when he has had a good night's sleep — he does not want to eat a lot. A stable emotional state allows you to control your eating behavior.

"In the current circumstances, it is difficult to control your mood and condition, so I advise you to go into any hobbies, hobbies, find something interesting for yourself in terms of pastime," the expert says.

In addition, in order for sleep to be normal and calm, you should properly approach the preparation process. Try not to read the news before going to bed, not to watch heavy movies and TV shows that can provoke an adrenaline rush (horror, thrillers, psychological films). Remember that lack of sleep directly affects weight gain and uncontrolled hunger.

And finally, even here, minimal physical exertion on the body is needed. In order to fall asleep better and go to a full sleep, it is advisable to exercise. This will help you spend your energy correctly and not know problems with insomnia and restless sleep.