Nutritionist told how to lose weight for a person after 60 years

After 60 years, a person for weight loss should adhere to a full sleep, proper nutrition and be physically active.

The specialist noted that with age, muscle tissue is replaced by fat. This delays metabolic processes, which directly affects the process of losing weight. However, if you follow the recommendations, you can still lose extra pounds.

You need to reconsider your diet, lifestyle, increase mobility, maintain muscle mass, be sure to get enough sleep.

So, during sleep, somatotropic hormone is produced, in other words, growth hormone. It allows you to preserve muscle tissue. For greater efficiency, fatty, fried and sweet foods should be removed from the diet. It is recommended to pay attention to protein-rich foods.

A dietitian said that it is quite problematic to accelerate the process of losing belly fat after 40 years, as the metabolic plasticity of the body decreases. However, with a competent approach to nutrition, sleep patterns and physical activity, it is possible to reduce the waist size in a short period.