Three main mistakes that prevent you from losing weight correctly are named

Very often, people trying to get rid of excess weight face various problems in the process. Many of them are the result of mistakes made.

First of all, according to the expert, it is worth stopping mindlessly starving. This not only slows down the metabolism, which is already not good, but it can also easily lead you to breakdowns. According to experts, "with healthy weight loss, you need to lose 5% of the initial weight in the first three months."

Another popular mistake of losing weight is the restriction of fats in the diet. According to the expert, fats, on the contrary, are necessary for the body, since with their help it assimilates fat-soluble vitamins, and also throws out bile.

Well, the third misconception the doctor called the incongruity of diet with physical activity.

The inclusion of motor activity in your lifestyle, systematic, regular, contributes to the greatest fat burning and the best results in weight loss are achieved.