How Bubba Watson Lost All That Weight

Аbout Bubba Watson’s diet: Watson has lost over 30 pounds, 15% of his body weight.

"Once a dedicated fan of fast food, now Bubba Watson eats clean", according to his trainer, Andrew Fisher. Bubba follows a strictly low-glycemic diet designed to help him control his blood sugar levels.

"In Bubba, you’re looking at somebody who ate fast food all the time", Fisher said.

"It was affecting him to the point that he was suffering from heartburn. He’s got a clean diet now. And he's really stuck to it."

Bubba Watson’s diet now rarely varies, even on game day. His typical breakfast consist of a protein, some heart-healthy oil (vegetable based) and whole grains. Proteins of course help to sustain his muscle mass and keep his energy level consistent throughout the day. And the whole grains keep him satisfied so that he is less likely to reach for snacks and overeat.

Here is a typical game day breakfast for Bubba Watson

  • Bowl of high fiber cereal
  • Yogurt
  • English muffin topped with peanut butter

That's how did Bubba Watson lose weight and became slim - the result of a diet without sugar! Well and if to ask a question why did Bubba Watson lose weight so first of all health of Bubba after a diet became much better and he became really more attractive in opinion of many women! Well, if this is not enough, the sports results of Bubba after the diet are much higher.