Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville weight loss

Hugh Richard Bonneville Williams,57, an English actor who has a $8 worth net.He was born in London in November 1963. Bonneville is best known for playing Robert Crawley in the television drama series “Dowton Abby”. For playing on the show he was nominated for a Golden Globe and Emmy Award.

Bonneville graduated Dulwich College Preparatory School and read theology at Cambridge. At a young age he dreamed to be a bannister. He studied at the Academy of Dramatic art and also, joined the National Theater in 1987.

Hugh said that he never thought that he was going to be an actor. At first acting was just a hobby, but sooner he decided that he wanted to try it as a career.

As previously stated, Bonneville joined the National Theater where he played roles in several plays. In 1991 he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. His first television appearance was in 1990 in the television series “Chancer”. Hugh also played plenty of roles in different television programs in 2000s and 2010s.

In 1988 Bonneville married Lucinda Evans. Now they live together with their son, Felix.

How much weight has Hugh Bonneville lost?

It became known that he adopted healthy lifestyle. Hugh Bonneville has lost weight and looked almost unrecognizable. He dropped pretty a lot - about 16 pounds. Everyone was delighted with Hugh Bennoville weight loss. On the 75th anniversary of VJ Day and during the interview on the BBC One TV looked much slimmer and fit. The transformation was so great that many people started to share with their thoughts and opinions on this in social media.

How much weight has Hugh Bonneville lost

Why has Hugh Bonneville lost so much weight?

Hugh admitted that he always wanted to lose weight and struggled with it. In pandemic time he realized how essential it is not to be overweight. Also, because of overweight coronavirus symptoms and consequences become more serious and dangerous. This all contributed to High Bonneville weight loss.

Why has Hugh Bonneville lost so much weight?

So , how to lose weight in midlife like Hugh Bonneville?

Actor openly told that listening to his wife, he hired a trainer. Trainer, in turn, advised him to eat “little and often”.

How to lose weight in midlife like Hugh Bonneville?

Control number of calories

According to Michael Garry, personal trainer, Hugh did strength trainings and reduced his calories. He maintains if you have no time for physical activity, you have to try to find a way of reducing the number of calories. If you have hard high activity day then u can have more calories. And if on the contrary, then reduce the number of calories.

Good hormone health

Matt Roberts, personal trainer, convince that low key level of testosterone create less opportunity to maintain muscle muss and burning away fat. Matt says that well-functioning gut is a key to the good hormone health. So it’s necessary to go for diet rich of meat, fish. It’s important to eat green vegetables and to take out alcohol, sugar in high doses and so on.


Also, staying flexible is very helpful and important, as it helps you to prevent various injuries, problems with balance, backache and so on.


Rest is obviously the most necessary part. In midlife you should to take time to recover from trainings, because it helps your body to repair and prevent aches. Trainers also say that if you’ve done workout, take a rest, let your muscles repair.