The doctor called 5 ways to lose weight in the abdomen without diet, sports and plastics

It happens that the figure is generally slim, but the stomach treacherously sticks out and does not go away. Can only a plastic surgeon remove it? Is it possible to lose weight only in the abdomen and how to do it?

What kind of advice can not be found on the Internet, if you ask a simple question - how to remove the stomach. These are various exercises for the press and general muscle tone, and a lot of diets, belts with a massage effect and a sauna, hoops, rollers and a lot of cosmetic procedures.

Of course, the most radical and relatively quick effect is possible with liposuction and plastic surgery to tighten the skin on the abdomen. But these interventions are quite expensive, are not suitable for everyone and may not lead to the expected result.

I want to remove only my stomach

Losing weight in the abdomen is probably the most common wish of people who turn to endocrinologists, nutritionists and other specialists dealing with the problem of excess weight. Many try to do more exercises on the rectus abdominis muscle (swing those same abs cubes), others endlessly twist the hoop to remove excess on the waist. There are also those who torture themselves with inadequate diets or, worse, starvation in the hope of getting the right numbers when measuring the waist.

Often doctors hear wishes to lose weight locally - namely in the abdomen or thighs.

- Yes, plastic surgeons can offer the patient liposuction of the abdominal zone, but this is too great a risk. You can apply hardware or injection techniques - look for a list just below. All this gives a temporary effect that will not last without lifestyle modification, the doctor says.

Laws of Physics

- Almost every reception I remind my patients, both women and men, about the law of conservation of energy - thermodynamics. This basic concept from elementary physics best explains the problem of most people with obesity, says the doctor.

People get too much energy from food or eat relatively adequately, but move too little and, especially, do not train specifically to keep fit. That is, the intake of energy exceeds its consumption, and our body tries to accumulate the "excess".

Rainy day stocks

Mankind for many generations did not have constant access to food. The level of physical activity of these people was many times higher than ours. They hunted, gathered everything that could be eaten, and built their dwellings to protect themselves from the weather and predators. Naturally, the body was in a state of constant adaptation and stress. Without reserves, it is impossible to survive here.

The hormone insulin is responsible for the reserves in our body: it redistributes glucose to different tissues - to muscles, to fat depots or to the substance glycogen, which allows you to store energy and use it when it is needed.

The ability to create such energy reserves allowed our distant ancestors to survive without having food in constant access. In humans, those genes were fixed that made it more likely that the entire population would survive.

For example, at the sight of a dangerous animal, our ancestor instantly produced adrenaline and cortisol in the body, which forced the liver to synthesize glucose from muscle protein and fat reserves. This was necessary if the blood sugar level was low, and it would not be enough to fight back or escape. This pattern of survival has been repeatedly fixed by evolution and by many generations of mankind.

5 useful procedures

Locally lose weight in the abdomen using traditional methods is unlikely to work. You will lose weight entirely — perhaps the stomach will go away last.

But modern medicine offers those who want to lose weight in the abdomen and thighs a lot of procedures, for example:

  • vacuum abdominal massage — 10-15 sessions are needed to achieve the result.
  • cavitation is the effect of ultrasound on fat cells. You need from 5 sessions.
  • cryolipolysis — exposure to cold. It takes from 1 to 3 procedures.
  • lymphatic drainage massage — you need an average of 10-15 procedures.
  • lipolytics are an injection route — special drugs help to "dissolve" excess fat deposits in a certain area. They can only be used in the hands of an experienced cosmetologist. The course requires 7 — 10 procedures.

And if it's free?

Consume less. Calculate how many calories you need per day to lose weight, and in accordance with this norm, make a menu.

Reduce the amount of fast carbs on the menu, but increase the amount of protein and fiber. Protein should make up to 30% of the daily diet. Remember the rule of the plate: 1 serving of protein, 2 servings of vegetables and one healthy side dish, for example, grain. Protein products activate metabolism, help build muscle mass and maintain the achieved results in weight loss. Dietary fiber is important for the establishment of the digestive process and rapid saturation.

Give up sugar and sweeteners, including those based on fructose, as well as fast carbohydrates. Eat as little sweets as possible, preferring natural vegetables and fruits.

Go in for sports. Choose your favorite activities: they will not only help in the fight for the perfect figure, but also a source of positive emotions.

Massage with a dry brush, a gua-sha scraper or a vacuum jar, take a contrast shower.