Massage can make the fat in your body melt: Myth or truth

Now you will find out whether massages really help to lose weight.

When it comes to weight loss and weight management, there are tons of new ideas that claim to be the latest and best in helping you achieve your ideal body weight. While every new diet and workout trend claims to produce results with ease, very few actually deliver achievable or sustained results in the long run.

The idea that a relaxing massage can be part of your weight loss plan may seem a little strange. After all, if it were that simple, many people would lose weight. But don't underestimate massage.

The health benefits of massage

Massage is a great way to relax and even help in the recovery of inflamed muscles. Some common types of massage include sports, deep, trigger or Swedish massage, as well as reflexology.

Massage therapy is considered a component of integrative medicine, which offers a more holistic approach to preventive and practical care.

In addition, a good massage brings a number of health benefits:

  • reducing overall stress,
  • relief of pain or soreness,
  • reduced heart rate,
  • lowering blood pressure and improving immune function and blood circulation.

The direct effect of massage on weight loss

Although massage by itself will not give you the body you dreamed of, it can help in the process of losing weight. According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, lymphatic drainage massage has shown a reduction in fat in the hips and abdomen in people with cellulite.

After being divided into three different groups, the fat thickness on the thighs and abdomen decreased to 1.66 mm and 2.4 mm in the first group. While the second group lost 2.21 mm in the hips and 1.78 mm in the abdomen. The third group completed the study, losing 3.03 mm in the hips and 1.23 mm in the abdomen.

Indirect effect of massage on weight loss

The therapeutic benefits of regular massage in your overall health plan can help you achieve weight loss goals a little faster than with a standard diet and exercise alone.

Massage is often considered a luxury. However, for many, the routine inclusion of this act of self-love and care can become an additional motivational element that will make maintaining a healthy diet and exercise habits more manageable.