The main enemies of a flat stomach: what foods help to grow fat on the sides and waist

These popular products contribute to weight gain and prevent you from losing weight

Everyone knows that sweets interfere with weight loss, but there are still a number of products that people who want to lose weight like to include in the diet. However, such food has a high glycemic index and prevents you from becoming slim.

First of all, it is white rice, couscous, semolina and potatoes. Also, the enemies of a thin waist are bakery products made of premium flour. When buying products, you should carefully study the labels and the composition of the product. If sugar is indicated there, then such a product is not suitable for a diet.

Nutritionists are especially amused by various bars for healthy eating. They are made from healthy ingredients, but at the same time they contain sugar syrup, which negates all their usefulness. The same can be said about the so-called healthy breakfasts, consisting of cereals with additives.