25 traps for excess weight

25 tips for those who decided to radically lose weight

1. The shortest way is starvation

You can improve your health in this way, but you can't lose weight. You first lose weight, buy new outfits, and then very quickly gain twice as much and do not fit into old jeans. But if you still want to starve, try to do it at least no more than two or three days.

2. The main enemy is cholesterol

Do not make the fatal mistake of shying away from products containing cholesterol. By rejecting them completely, you risk knocking down the menstrual cycle and stop responding to the caresses of a cute one. After all, cholesterol is the raw material for the production of sex hormones.

3. The stomach can be deceived

Artificially filling the volume of cellulose removes useful substances and minerals from the body and often causes constipation. In addition, there is no feeling of satiety, alas. My stomach seems to be full, but I still want to eat.

4. Herbal teas for weight loss – safe

Absolutely harmless drugs do not exist. If you do not take into account contraindications, there is a chance to find out what gastritis and chronic diarrhea are. After about 10 days, there may be a reckoning – pain and burning in the stomach or unauthorized "cleansing" in the intestines.

5. Thai pills

Yes, they help, but at what cost! You strike at

  • heart valves,
  • liver,
  • and kidneys.

And weight loss (by the way, more often very insignificant, it all depends on the specific case) occurs due to appetite suppression, diuretic and laxative effects. There are no special ingredients in these supertablets.

6. Vegetarianism gets rid of extra pounds

Not always. On vegetarian food, you can get better, if you don't count calories and overeat. Moreover, a complete rejection of animal proteins in our climate can not only spoil your health, but also affect your ability to add and subtract two-digit numbers in your mind.

7. The better I watch my weight, the more men like me

This position has one, but a big side effect. As soon as you declare that you are losing weight, everyone will immediately begin to notice your extra pounds. You can't fool a man – he will immediately see too much, but at the same time you will not find support from him. The stronger sex can not stand both too thin women and too concerned about diets.

8. Fat burners help to get rid of accumulated

There is some truth here, but the main thing is to understand the terminology. Burners are often confused with funds that do not allow new fat to be deposited. Already acquired stocks will remain untouched.

9. Taking laxatives is useful twice – cleansing plus weight loss

After one time, your body will really feel cleaner, but if you torture it with enemas and laxatives almost every day, the intestines may be left without their natural microflora. By the way, this will have little effect on the weight, unless, of course, you have a dozen kilograms of deposits of century-old fossils.

10. Sports experiments

If you have finally decided to go in for sports, ask yourself if you can continue these classes, especially if we are talking about regular workouts in the gym or aerobics. To throw them is like taking them yourself and putting kilograms on your sides. The cancellation effect will definitely work.

11. You can lose weight with the help of diuretics

The weight, of course, will decrease, but solely due to the loss of fluid. Dehydration will occur, you will harm your kidneys and skin, but you will not get rid of kilograms. The body will still regain the right amount of fluid.

12. I want to weigh no more than 50 kg

You can set yourself such a task. With a height of no more than 160 cm, it is even quite feasible. But if you overdo it a little and achieve a record result of 48 kg, you can say goodbye to your monthly. There is no need to talk about more distant consequences.

13. Purification from toxins

Do not forget to drink more during the implementation of the program to destroy the hated sides. Any cleaning products –

  • teas,
  • pills,
  • diets

they require increased fluid intake. Otherwise, instead of cleansing, you can earn health troubles.

14. Pills for fast weight loss

If they are not skillfully combined with a diet and Phineas classes, they are unlikely to work. Moreover, the fat will not be removed evenly throughout the body. To correct the contours of the waist and hips, you cannot avoid special gymnastics, massage and salon procedures – electromyostimulation and lymphatic drainage.

15. It is useful to lose weight on raw vegetables and fruits

This is fraught with a shortage of proteins and fats, and it is painfully difficult, because raw vegetable food does not give saturation and stretches the stomach. You will want to eat all the time, and if you don't have a lot of willpower, instead of a lettuce leaf in your plate there may be an appetizing chicken leg.

16. The Atkins Diet is an easy path to success

You can eat a lot of meat and fatty foods, but completely abandon all carbohydrates – the essence of this very popular diet, especially among Americans. Think about it, can you give up all sweets, buns and fruits for a month? Only incorrigible meat-eaters are capable of this. In addition, the Atkins diet dramatically changes the metabolism and is suitable only for very healthy young people.

17. You need to eat less

This is true, but it is not always possible to lose weight. The body easily parts with only really extra pounds. Otherwise, when he feels hungry, he will throw all the nutrients into building fat reserves, reduce energy consumption due to the basic metabolism and reduce body temperature by tenths of a degree. The work of the heart will slow down, the pressure and muscle tone will decrease. You'll start sleeping more and moving less. In all cases, the body will win, and you will lose.

18. The diet that helps others is good

You can make a mistake – the results of diets are very individual and if your girlfriend has dropped 20 kilograms, it is absolutely not a fact that the same diet will remove two of your extra unfortunate kilograms. In addition, you can not torment yourself with food that does not bring joy.

19. It's enough not to eat after 6 pm

Of course, if you finish work at 17.00, and at home in half an hour, it's easy to adhere to this rule. Well, if you come no earlier than nine, and go to bed after 12 at night, the installation "do not eat after 6 pm" will definitely not suit you. Eat three to four hours before bedtime

20. One banquet diet will not hurt

Avoid any celebrations when you are on a diet. Otherwise, the consequences may be tragic: thoughts

"just one piece and that's it"

usually I can't keep from breaking down. You start feverishly stuffing your stomach with everything you've been denying yourself for the last month or two. The result is the return of what was plus what was not.

21. After giving birth, you can say goodbye to the figure

It is clear that I really want to regain my girlish figure faster. But, firstly, she may never become like this, and secondly, you will say goodbye not to extra pounds, but to health if you start losing weight intensively earlier than a year after the baby's appearance.

22. From Monday I go on a diet

If you've always loved to eat, then don't try to switch to a restrictive diet right away. Your body will perceive it as hunger:

  • your health will worsen,
  • performance will drop,
  • the character will deteriorate.

You'd better cut calories gradually.

23. If mom and grandma are pyshechki, then I will never become thin

This is partly true. A lady from the breed of fatties will not be a thin woman. But it is also possible not to fatten up to the size of a grandmother. It all depends on the style of nutrition and lifestyle.

24. Skipping lunch, you can lose weight

Some people actually eat twice a day - and for them this is the norm. But this diet has nothing to do with losing weight. After removing one feeding, you will eat twice as much in the next.

25. Cellulite also goes away with extra pounds

If, along with weight-loss measures, anti-cellulite ones are also intensively carried out, then we can agree with this opinion. But I would like to remind you that very often orange peels adorn thin thighs.