4 life hacks that will help speed up weight loss and 5 reasons why you need to start losing weight in the fall

You eat less and pay attention to healthy foods, exercise regularly and try to move. But the weight goes away very slowly, and your motivation begins to drop.

Nutritionist Amy Goodson in her book about healthy eating explained which mistakes prevent weight loss and which 4 life hacks will help fix it.

The specialist notes that in order to achieve long-term success, the goal must be realistic. It is not necessary to set a goal to lose 4 kg in two weeks, but it is better to aim at the fact that you will get rid of 500 g to 1 kg in one week.

For such weight loss, you need to burn 500-1000 calories more daily than you consume. The most effective ways are a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity.

You need fiber

An excellent source of fiber, which not only saturates, but also helps to ensure the normal functioning of the intestine, is dark green vegetables. Foods with fiber also help to reduce the number of calories, and at the same time - lose weight.

Include leafy greens in the diet: 100 g of spinach contains 23 calories, 100 g of string beans - 19 calories, 100 g of Chinese cabbage - 12 calories.

Combine carbohydrates with proteins

To get rid of hunger attacks, you need to combine carbohydrates with protein. Amy Goodson explains that protein is digested more slowly, so the feeling of fullness will last a long time.

"If you eat carbohydrates by themselves, they can increase blood sugar levels, and later it will decrease - and an energy failure will occur," the nutritionist explained.

Protein is a building block for muscle growth, and muscles are more metabolically active than fat. And this allows the body to burn more calories even during rest.

Drink water before eating

Drink a glass of warm water before each meal - this is a great habit to help you burn fat faster. Water is needed for optimal functioning of organs. And maintaining water balance helps you consume fewer calories. Moreover, many people mistake thirst for hunger.

And the water that you drink before eating will fill your stomach, help soothe hunger and at the same time will not add extra calories.

Once a week, do not eat meat

In the USA, as well as in many other countries of the world, among the admirers of a healthy lifestyle, there is an interesting habit - on Mondays they do not eat meat and meat products. This improves their health and the "health of the planet". Amy Goodson believes that participating in this promotion will also help to lose weight.

A vegetarian diet also promotes weight loss, as well as a Mediterranean one. But being a vegetarian or vegan does not automatically mean that you consume fewer calories. It is important to focus on what you eat daily and balance your diet so that there is high-quality vegetable protein in the food.

Five reasons why you need to start losing weight in the fall

This is a really favorable time of year for such changes. In fact, autumn is almost the perfect time for dieting. And this is explained by five points.

  1. Weight loss takes place without stress. According to the nutrition consultant, it is necessary to lose weight with health benefits gradually. If you start in the fall, then you will have a lot of time to get used to a new diet, lifestyle, training. Well, you also won't worry about not having time to lose weight by the summer.
  2. The weather is suitable for sports. The temperature in autumn, unlike in summer, is moderate. And it's much easier for people with a tendency to allergies to breathe at this time of year. And if it's raining outside, then there is a motivation to go to the gym.
  3. Healthy food is at hand. Autumn is the time of harvest. Foods such as cabbage, pumpkin, beetroot, celery, parsley, carrots will help you lose weight. They can also be used to make smoothies.
  4. You can go to the sauna. A sauna can serve as an excellent addition to sports. In it you will get rid of excess water, strengthen the immune system, improve your emotional state. As coach notes, by visiting the sauna you will support the health of the heart and blood vessels.
  5. Sleep is getting better. Sleep is one of the main factors of successful weight loss. In autumn, the day becomes shorter and people rest more, and this allows you to lose weight faster.