Beyonce's diet: how to lose weight at 35+ if your metabolism is slow

The singer constantly makes efforts to maintain a slim figure

Now Beyonce has beautiful forms, but she is not one of those stars who never recover due to her fast metabolism. The mother of three children had to work hard more than once to lose weight, especially after pregnancy. What does a celebrity's diet look like?


Beyonce does not hide that she loves to eat delicious food, but she has to keep herself in hand all the time, because she easily gains weight when she does not follow the diet. Nevertheless, the singer is not too strict with herself.

The celebrity makes sure that she does not have a feeling of thirst. She drinks water with lemon every day. By the way, experts have already found out that the juice of this citrus does not affect the metabolism in any way and does not contribute to weight loss.

Beyonce has repeatedly dieted to prepare for important events. So, before the Coachella festival a few years ago, she worked out hard, devoted all her time to dance rehearsals and adhered to the rules of a 44-day vegan diet — she ate mostly only organic dishes, for example, cauliflower soup, smoothies and nutritional bars. At that time, the star completely excluded animal products, sugar, coffee and alcohol from the diet. However, on normal days, the singer does not limit herself so much.

how to lose weight at 35 with Beyonce diet if your metabolism is slow


Beyonce never misses a morning meal — it helps her recharge her batteries. The star cooks scrambled eggs, vegetable smoothie or porridge with low-fat milk.

Lunch and dinner

In the afternoon and in the evening, Beyonce eats about the same thing — a lot of fish and vegetables. However, she does not exclude carbohydrates from the menu — from time to time there may be quinoa, pita or roast potatoes on the table.

On weekends, the star likes to go to an Italian restaurant, where she indulges herself with junk food — she is crazy about pizza.


The singer tries to avoid feeling hungry, so she snacks between meals. She prefers popcorn, protein bars or fruit.


Beyonce is constantly learning new choreography and rehearsing her numbers. However, she believes that this load is not enough, so she regularly visits the gym, where she combines strength training, cardio and yoga, which promotes flexibility and improves emotional state.

if your metabolism is slow Beyonce diet to lose weight at 35

How to Maintain Weight Loss after Losing Weight

  1. Add more protein to your diet. Protein can increase the feeling of fullness by acting on hormones that help regulate weight and appetite. When you feel full, you are less likely to overeat. Protein also helps the body burn more calories due to increased thermogenesis in the diet.
  2. Physical activity and a balanced low-calorie diet should go hand in hand if you want to successfully maintain weight loss. It has been proven that more than 250 minutes of physical activity per week, combined with calorie restriction, helps maintain weight loss in overweight and obese patients.