Why so many people are overweight and how to deal with it

According to WHO, obesity is one of the most serious chronic diseases on the planet. Currently, more than 1.5 billion adults and almost 20 million children are overweight. Scientists call the main cause of obesity an energy imbalance between consumed and consumed calories.

There is a scientific consensus on the obesity pandemic. To put it very simply, we now live in an environment conducive to obesity. What's the matter? Our bodies were formed during the lack of provisions and the need to move.

That is, we always burned a lot of calories, which it was difficult for us to eat. Therefore, we have such organisms that if there is an opportunity to accumulate fat and eat from something, our organisms do it.

Moreover, our eating behavior is so tuned that if there is food, eat, because tomorrow it may not be. Because again, our body was formed when there was little food.

Consequently, physiological mechanisms of energy storage for the future have been formed. It's fat. Now it's extra fat. Besides, there is enough food now, it is very high in calories, incredibly tasty and we eat a lot of it.

At the same time, we do not spend the calories received, because there is no need to move. And yet – now a person has become a hostage of three armchairs – an armchair or sofa in the house, an armchair in the car and an armchair in the office. We sit and don't move. And this is the reason that there is an obesity pandemic in the yard of the 21st century.

There is an opinion that obesity is an organism's problems related to metabolism. Is it so?

No, obesity as a cause of metabolic problems occurs in 1% of people at most. Problems with metabolism are not the cause, but the consequence of obesity. It may sound paradoxical, but overweight people have an increased metabolism. It is a myth that fullness is a consequence of a reduced metabolism. There is no such thing at all.

Metabolism does not decrease until the age of 60. Overweight people have an increased metabolism due to overeating. Since the body, defending itself, increases the metabolism in order to burn calories, which a person eats excessively.

But problems with metabolism, metabolism, some endocrine aspects – they appear as a consequence of obesity. And the reason is overeating. Consumption of a large number of calories against the background of a sedentary lifestyle.

Are there any effective ways to overcome obesity?

If, for example, you follow a strict, unbalanced diet, then it can primarily hit your health. It should be done so that the body receives fewer calories than it needs, but it was as comfortable as possible for a person.

Since, if a person is squeezed into a frame, then he will suffer for 1-2 days on enthusiasm and will break. At the same time, he will feel bad, because he will feel like a loser and negative emotions will stick. It's a vicious circle. Such people are constantly losing weight, then gaining. At the same time, such cycles further worsen health and further aggravate problems with excess weight. There is only one way out – you need to create a calorie deficit.

What should be done?

The first is to increase motor activity. This is everyday physical activity, more walking, walking, cleaning around the house. You can get off the bus two stops before your destination and walk, get on a bike. There are a lot of options.

Plus add some kind of sport. You just need to get your muscles moving. This is important in order to raise the energy consumption of the body.

But the main thing is different – eating behavior. Here it is necessary to make sure that a person eats less than his body needs. And such actions are usually accompanied by a feeling of hunger, and you can fight with this. That is, to eat a lot of food that gives good satiety.

We all know these products. This is unprocessed food – vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, dairy products of lower fat content. These are different porridges, potatoes (boiled and baked).

What to do with delicious, but not healthy products. These are sweets and fast food. What do I do with my team? We leave some favorite foods for the soul. For example, tea is not bland to drink, but add a spoonful of sugar, eat chips. This will not negatively affect health, because a person does not overeat and he gets everything he needs from other valuable products. And he will be, first of all, psychologically comfortable.

And she will have a calorie deficit, due to which she will lose weight. This approach to business gives results. This formula has been verified by me over decades of mental and practical work.