Anne Hegerty weight loss 2019

Anne Hegerty is an English television personality, who is now 60 years old. She is the participant of the popular TV show. She was born in Westminster and she is a British citizen. She is also a journalist and an editor. Anne Hegerty started her career being participated in small TV shows. She gained from there much experience and after that started to take part in popular TV shows.

Anne Hegerty's personal life

Anne Hegerty considers being rather mysterious person. She has always wanted to keep her personal life in a mystery. Nobody knows the reason why she would like to keep her personal life in a mystery. Everybody always asks this question: " Anne Hegerty married"? Anne has never been linked to any other man but there were rumors that she is a lesbian. However, she denies it.

Anne Hegerty weight loss

Anne is not that fit type of person and has a rather big sizes and body. She had problems with her health during recent past years, because of her body size and problems with weight. However, nowdays she has worked hard and she looks fine. She is gorgeous in her short red hair and wonderful green eyes. Her results at Anne Hegerty weight loss photos!

How did she do it?

Having much weight always been an obstacle for Anne. She had always wanted to lose weight. It happened only following on what she called “ the Jungle Diet". Anne Hegerty now weight loss. After the challenge in the forest, where the celebrities had to compete with each other, Anne revealed she had lost 14 pounds during three weeks. It was shocking. She ate only rice, beans and water. No salt. It was really difficult to be on a rice and beans diet. She moved a lot and that was burning more calories.

Anne gives several good tips for weight loss

  1. Food, which includes protein, good carbs
  2. Have breakfast
  3. Non-starchy veggies, only green ones
  4. More fruits
  5. Cheese in limited amount
  6. Red meat once in a week
  7. Drink much water
  8. Workout regularly
  9. Walking and dancing
  10. Good sleep
  11. No late dinners
  12. Relax, take pleasure and breath

Anne Hegerty weight loss photos

Anne Hegerty weight loss 2019 was incredible. She is a strong person and she copied out with difficulties soon. She had great support from everybody. It was an extraordinary experience for her. Though, she had been voted out for the show, she was not disappointed. She continued her weight loss and she had great success. Anne was very glad to have it done. She proved to the whole world that much weight cannot win and people must be strong, surrounded with loving people, with family, in order to overcome difficulties. Till now, Anne Hegerty encourages and helps many people who have the same problem, around the whole world. Now, she looks very well and she publishes and shares his photos with his Instagram followers and with his thousands of fans. She is very proud of how she looks now. It is very amazing. She is great and everybody must be prod of her. She claims that everybody must take small steps, to move forward and make healthy habits part of healthy lifestyle. Slow weight loss is the best. Take care and make healthy living.