Kathy Bates Weight Loss More Than 60 Pounds

Famous actress who impressed her fans in terrific "American Horror Story" and thrilling "On the Basis of Sex". The results of Kathy Bates' amazing weight loss are making her not only more attractive, but also healthier. She is 70 years old and she loses more than 60 pounds, is that possible? To fight lymphedema this woman had to be very courageous. How has she stopped being a "burden" and why is Kathy Bates' unexpected weight loss discussed in 2019 so much, becoming such a popular topic of conversation?

Battle with diseases

Ovarian cancer fought in 2003 was replaced by the breast breast cancer. The swelling up of arms and legs started to disturb the woman because of the problems with the work of lymphatic system. She suffered from lymphedema. But all these symptoms were treated and Kathy Bates also luckily lost great ammount of weight: 60 lbs simply disappeared. "I'm feeling great. I've lost a lot of weight and it's really helped with my symptoms," explains the actress. Now she rejoices that she can move and walk, appreciates simple things in her life and feels like she is a different person. Small changes in her ration made great changes in her life.

Her secret method

Kathy's niece shared her secret with the actress: people's brain can communicate with the stomach, so they can always stop when it's enough. And she followed that advice. Due to this Kathy Bates hasn't only lost lots of weight, but also became strong and healthy. How does this usually work? She stops eating when she feels full, so she avoids overeating. It's first spep of Kathy Bates weight loss diet. Fizzy drinks and “junk food” are in her stop list now. There weren't any modern diets or unusual methods. Only healthy food and moderate portions. The result wasn't quick, but it is constant now, the pounds won't come back. She enjoys her reflection seen in the mirror every day. There's nothing difficult in this method: only listening to the body and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kathy Bates weight loss more than 60 pounds in 2019

Positive thinking

Does the positive thinking and the support of relatives and friends help? Of course it does. That proves Kathy Bates' recovery and her weight loss at the same time. She agrees that it's rather difficult to help for a long time, so the process of recovering isn't short and easy. But sticking by close people in these difficult situations is sure a great deal. Sick people become less scared when they believe that everything is going to be all right. This information stimulates them to fight with their disease, change the lifestyle forever. And Kathy proves that it really works.

Though Kathy Bates' unbelievable weight loss is discussed in 2019, this woman was doing her best even before. Her best advice is to listen to the body, understand its signals. And when the person's way of life is harmonic, it can help to stay slim, healthy, happy. Kathy's example shows that everything is possible if we try and work hard. It's so pleasant to slim down and feel strong. Even celebrities can have problems with their weight, but everyone can change it if he wants to.