The Potato Diet Plan To Lose Weight

Being overweight is a huge problem for a vast majority of people nowadays. We can see them gaining only more and more weight due to eating unhealthy food. Some of them choose a long way for weight loss: they attempt to lose weight by eating less, counting calories and visiting gym constantly. Other ones tend to stick to the diet plan to lose weight faster. If you are that type of a person that wants to see quick results - then we are here to tell you about a potato only diet which is one of those effective and most importantly fast methods of losing weight.

This article contains:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of the "only potato diet"
  • How the potato diet plan works?
  • How potato only diet benefits your weight loss?
  • Shown potato diet results in 7 days

Results of the potato only diet

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the "potato only diet"?

It seems to be not a quite healthy way of weight loss since you don't receive some important nutrients. Potatoes also tend to increase your blood sugar and cause problems with kidneys' work if taken too much. On the other hand potatoes have a wide range of advantages like bones strengthening, supporting digestion and improving immunity. In sum potatoes are really good for you in normal quantity. Overall a lot of surveys state that potato only diet can take you to your goal as fast as possible.

How the potato diet plan works?

As you already understood, this diet suggests eating nothing but potatoes for a certain term - 3 or 5 days - depending on the result you want to see. Rules of this dietary are a really simple thing to follow.

You have to eat approximately two to five pounds of potatoes everyday - this fixed amount should keep you full so you don't have to starve the whole time. Besides you need to know that you can't eat chips, sweet potato etc. Another important thing to remember if you want to stick to the potato diet plan is to have a little workout - you don't need to do heavy exercises.

Also there's a wide range of ways to vary your diet. Potatoes can be boiled, mashed or baked with different herbs & spices. Plain salt can be replaced with sea salt in case you want to have even better results in advance. If needed you can surf the Internet and find various recipes of cooking potatoes.

The way potato only diet benefits your weight loss

As it was said earlier, potatoes can make you feel no hunger for a long time. If you are full then you won't want to eat more which is great in case if you are going to lose some weight.

In other words, you can enjoy your food and don't even care about centimetres at your waist!

Shown potato diet results in just 7 days

A lot of people have made sure that potato diet results are really fascinating! A woman whose name is Caroline lost a 12lb during a seven days course on the potato diet, while her friend lost only 4lb on the other diet.

Lost a 12lb during a seven days course on the potato diet

Although since the experts don't recommend to follow the potato diet for too long, you will obviously need to see a doctor and take some advices before starting this dietary. Remember that your health is always a number one priority.