6 Best Teas to Lose Weight

Tea is a drink known all over the world for its beneficial properties. It can speed up your metabolism and make losing weight delicious.

It is easy and quick to prepare — it is enough to pour hot water onto tea leaves and let them brew.

The most aromatic drink commonly made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, a species of evergreen shrub native to Asia.

Drinking tea regularly protects cells from damage and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Tea can promote weight loss and fight belly fat. This is confirmed by more than one study.

Prepare your cups! We have collected the most powerful teas from around the world for weight loss.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is perhaps the most popular type of tea.

It's also one of the most effective teas for weight loss. Many studies have shown that green tea can reduce both weight and body fat.

One of the studies only confirms this fact: 60 obese people followed a standard diet for 12 weeks, regularly drinking green tea or a placebo. As a result, those who drank green tea lost 7.3 pounds (3.3 kg) more than the placebo group.

Another study found that people who consumed green tea extract for 12 weeks experienced significant reductions in body weight, fat, and waist circumference compared to controls.

The fat burning ability of this tea is associated with catechins, in particular EGCG — the name of a group of antioxodant compounds that destroy adipose tissue, speeding up metabolism, increasing the release of fat from fat cells (especially in the abdomen).

Matcha has similar properties and contains the same beneficial ingredients as regular green tea.

But much depends on the type of physical activity. Make sure you are doing best weight loss exercises to get even more benefits for a flat stomach.

Conclusion: green tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins and can help you lose weight.

Green Tea to Lose Weight

2. Puerh Tea

A type of fermented chinese black tea also known as pu'er or pu-erh tea, puerh is a good idea to help you to lose weight.

It has a light earthy aroma that intensifies as it is stored. As a rule, it is often enjoyed after a meal. Studies in animals and humans have shown that pu-erh tea can promote weight loss. So, pu erh tea may lower blood sugar and blood triglycerides.

Proven! In one study, 70 men were given a capsule of Puerh tea extract or a placebo. After three months, those who took the pu-erh tea capsule had lost about 2.2 pounds (1 kg) more weight than the placebo group.

"Pu-erh tea extract has anti-obesity effects and helps suppress weight gain," sums up another study.

Current research is mainly done with pu-erh extract. So, we need more research to see if the same effects apply to drinking it as a tea.

Conclusion: It is scientifically proven that Pu-erh tea extract can promote weight loss, and also reduce blood sugar and triglyceride levels.

Puerh Tea to Lose Weight

3. Black Tea

Black tea differs from green tea or, for example, white tea in that it has undergone more oxidation.

The characteristic black color is obtained precisely due to oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when tea leaves are exposed to air.

There are many varieties of black tea, but the most popular is Earl Gray or English breakfast.

The more cups you drink, the more you benefit! Italian researchers found that drinking a cup of black tea daily improves cardiovascular function. Good cardiovascular function means you can easily breeze through 5 km.

Drinking three cups of black tea every day for three months can significantly increase weight loss and decrease waist circumference compared to drinking the caffeinated control drink. One study involving 111 people found proved it.

Some speculate that the potential slimming effect of black tea may be due to its high content of flavones, a type of plant pigment with antioxidant properties.

Large-scale study followed 4,280 adults over 14 years. It was found that people who regularly consume black tea have a lower BMI than people who prefer other drinks. But further research is needed to account for factors other than flavones that may be involved.

Conclusion: The presence of flavones in black tea is associated with a decrease in weight, BMI and waist circumference.

Black Tea to Lose Weight

4. Oolong Tea

Traditional oolong tea is something between green and black tea in terms of oxidation state. Its taste and smell may vary depending on oxidation, but it is often described as having a fruity aromatic aroma and unique flavor.

This type of tea speeds up metabolism and promotes weight loss.

This is supported by a study in which 102 overweight or obese people drank oolong tea every day for six weeks, which may have helped reduce both body weight and body fat. It works by improving the metabolism of fat in the body.

Compared to water, oolong tea increases energy expenditure by 2.9%, which is equivalent to burning an additional 281 calories per day on average. This is described in a study where men were given water or tea over a three-day period to measure their metabolic rate. Oolong tea can be very beneficial for weight loss however more scientific studies are needed to confirm this fact.

Conclusion: Oolong tea accelerates metabolism, improves fat and body fat burning.

Oolong Tea to Lose Weight

5. White Tea

White tea is harvested when the tea plant is still young and is minimally processed later.

It is very different from other types of tea for its slightly sweet and delicate taste.

The properties of white tea are well studied — from improving oral health to even killing cancer cells! Also white tea helps in weight loss. In some sense, it is similar to green, as it contains the same amount of catechins.

White tea is very beneficial according to a study published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism — it increases the body's ability to break down and use existing fat for energy and prevents the formation of new fat cells.

However, existing research is still insufficient when it comes to fat loss.

Conclusion: More human trials are now needed to confirm the fat-burning properties of white tea.

White Tea to Lose Weight

6. Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are a decoction of fruits, herbs and spices in hot water.

The biggest difference from other teas is that herbal teas do not contain caffeine and are not made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.

The most popular are rosehip, ginger tea and hibiscus tea.

Although herbal tea's ingredients may vary, its overall effectiveness in weight loss has been proven.

A study, conducted on rats, confirmed that herbal tea helps to reduce body weight. Obese rats were given herbal tea and scholars found that it reduced body weight and helped normalize hormone levels.

Rooibos tea is the most effective in fat burning. The fact is proven by one test-tube study!

However, as usual, more human studies are needed to be sure.

Conclusion: Rooibos is very effective in weight loss!

Herbal Tea to Lose Weight

Basic Information

Many people drink tea because of its taste and calming effect and do not even think about the benefits that it can bring.

Replacing sugary drinks with tea will help reduce calorie intake and lead to weight loss.

There are many animal studies showing the effectiveness of tea for weight loss, but more human studies are needed to be sure.

Many types of tea are especially rich in beneficial compounds such as flavones and catechins, which can also aid in weight loss.

However, just drinking tea will not help you lose weight — an integrated approach is needed. Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, tea can enhance the effect.

6 Best Teas to Lose Weight